Can you ever imagine the result of U.S. citizens not buying into the polarized political spectrum created by U.S. politicians?  Allowing the most polarizing issues to separate us guarantees the citizens of our country will continue to be used as pawns in the politician’s game that serve their self-interests and special interest.

Being a former Republican, I was tired of the, “it’s the Democrat’s fault; no it’s the Republican’s fault”. I finally realized the name of their game is to keep a divided America, so the average voting citizen has no true say in the gargantuan government that has been essentially designed by corporate America and implemented by corrupt politicians.

Most of us in America, regardless of political affiliation, have more common interests than the current political system would have us believe. Of course, there will continue to be the neo’s, theo’s, and paleo’s on each side of the spectrum that represent the extremes, but do not represent the majority of us.

We should allow the most divisive issues between us to be handled on the state level or personal level and unite around the ideas that once made us the envy of the world.  The (R) and (D) truly represent special/corporate interests and are moving closer to a fascist America.

Throw away both of these parties and help create an alternate political movement that moves in step with the Constitutional Representative Republic our country was founded on.  We need to unite for our interest before it is too late.