Judge Sonia Sotomayor could walk into a firestorm on Capitol Hill over her stance on gun rights, with conservatives beginning to question some controversial positions she’s taken over the past several years on the Second Amendment.

Earlier this year, President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee joined an opinion with the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that Second Amendment rights do not apply to the states.

A 2004 opinion she joined also cited as precedent that “the right to possess a gun is clearly not a fundamental right.” link

You’ve got to be kidding me. After her racist statements suggesting a Latina female would make better decisions than a white male, then going on to suggest that policy is made in the appellate courts, we discover her true position regarding our constitutionally guaranteed 2nd amendment rights.

Looks like she’s just another liberal fascist who doesn’t believe in the U.S. constitution or OUR 2nd amendment rights.

And she’s suppose to be a candidate whose job it will be to uphold the constitution? ..more like rewrite it to her liking, if you ask me.

Congress needs to say, “So long to Soto”…

That said, let’s officially welcome Sonia Sotomayor to The Liberty Journal’s “Enemy of the States” list. She is certainly no friend of state’s rights and the constitutional liberties that are inherent to those rights.

On a side note, the GOP are signalling they are not willing to oppose her confirmation, so as to avoid offending Hispanics. The conservatives in the GOP should stand on principals and put race and identity politics aside. It’s time for the GOP to actually stand for something besides their own self interest.