The current use of the term czar in American politics comes from the Obama administration’s use of quasi-cabinet posts to help push through his handler’s socialistic agenda.  Unfortunately, these are executive-oriented positions that operate without Congressional confirmation and oversight.  You and I do not have any say in this power grab and an obvious execution of a socialist agenda.  The background of this term in America is very interesting.

In the 1830’s, during Andrew Jackson presidency, there was a concern over banking power held by the Second United States National Bank and how those powers affected state’s rights and the fact that the U.S. currency was not backed by some commodity, like silver, gold, etc..   Jackson sought to eliminate this banking system and waged war against the bank and the bank president Nicholas Biddle.  This became know as  the Bank War of 1832-36.

During this engagement by Jackson, he found an ally in Washington Globe’s editor,  Frank Blair.  Blair labeled Nicholas Biddle ” Czar Nicholas”, as a reference to the repressive communist regime of Russia, headed by Nicholas I.  The term thereafter became popular as a label given to anyone with a tyrannical mind-set.

The term was used in American government occasionally afterward in U.S. Presidential administrations of Franklin Roosevelt and Richard Nixon.  Now the U.S. Government has more czars than communist Russia ever had.  I am amazed that some people in Obama’s administration think the word czar carries some positive connotation.  I think these brazen and embolden folks know the connotation and are just openly shoving socialism down America’s throat.

However, the United States is currently heading down the road of full-blown socialism and the current Executive administration has found a way to accelerate their agenda by creating these new positions, held accountable only to Obama, while usurping any oversight by the U.S. Congress and the American citizens.

The term Czar in American politics was a machination of the U.S. media and, at the time of Andrew Jackson presidency, the term was used appropriately to compare the power of the U.S. National Bank to Czar Nicholas I of Russia.  It was a term that had an evil connotation.  Now the Obama administration seems to be shying away from the term Czar, but it seems quite appropriate to continue the use of word to represent the mind-set of this oppressive regime.  Therefore, the electorate of the United States is now ruled by a “House of Czars”.