They surely were, at some point.  Don’t get me wrong.  I think the idea of public protest against a fiscally inept Federal Government, especially congress, is a necessity as a wake up call to all wasteful governments and an apathetic public.  The Tea Parties, unfortunately, have a become the new pulpit that the Republican party is using to bash the Democrats and Obama, and perpetuate the divisiveness amongst the American public that’s created by the (D) and (R) parties in the first place.  Yes there is a problem with the (D) and Obama, but the same applies to majority of (R) leadership as well.

What do I mean by stating the Tea Party movement has been taken over by the (R) party.  I’m not even going to include the current politicians who are using them to woo voters for the next election cycle and make up for for the past wrongs they’ve committed against their constituents.  The biggest financial supporter and promoter of the Tea Parties is American for Prosperity

American for Prosperity is primarily funded through Koch Family Foundations. The company is owned by two of the richest men in America,” David H. Koch and Charles G. Koch, who’s personal fortune estimated at more than $3 billion and who have emerged as major Republican contributors .

And while the Koch Foundation is a non-profit and donates primarily to purported Libertarian non-profits, these libertarian non-profits are also donated to by some of the biggest corporations in America that support both (D) and (R).  Many of the members and current and former directors of Americans for Prosperity are/were employed by the Koch Corp.(the for profit side).

Their first President was Nancy Mitchell Pfotenhauer
-former senior and chief economist at the Republican National Committee
-directed the Washington Office of Koch Industries
-served in the Bush administration in the National Advisory Committee on Violence Against Women

If you keep going through the bios of members and directors, you find so many ties to the (R) party.  So my point here is, since the Tea Parties have been hijacked by the (R) party, even though it wasn’t supposed to be, it has become target for the (D) controlled media and will be marginalized.  This of course runs counter of the movement’s purpose, which was to give all voters the chance to assemble in demonstration to show the disgust of both major political parties.

What to do about?  My only answer is to try to form as independents for independence and make it absolutely clear both major political parties are the subject of our anger.  Continue to educate the public about the left/right paradigm created by the political party illusion.