I attended the Tea Party in Boiling Spring, SC today which featured Alan Keyes as guest speaker.  I was surprised by the turnout of at least 300, considering it is was in a kind of tucked away area.  Overall, the atmosphere was pleasant.  I was kind of taken back by the skinheads present and the lack of minorities, but all and all it was a good showing.  Here is the audio of Alan Keyes speech: part 1, part 2, part 3

In case you didn’t read it, here is Alan Keyes’ column in worldnetdaily.com , in his own words, on why he was having tea in Boiling Springs, SC.

Because organizers there did not shy try to discourage me from presenting what I believe to be the true and essential message about the crisis the United States now faces. I believe it’s a crisis that goes beyond Obama and his determination to drive America over the cliff of socialist self-destruction. It goes beyond the willingness of self-serving elites to plunge generations of Americans into enslaving national debt that will hollow out both our economic strength and our liberty. I cannot talk about the crisis that grips us today without reference to the collapse of moral principle and national character that lies at the root of it.

A great speaker as a defender of liberty

I noticed a lot of anti-Obama literature andsigns when we arrived, so it had the feel of a Republican rally.  When we arrived, Ms. Christina Jeffrey, who is running for political office, was all about the (R) party.  She kept bashing the (D) and saying the (R) needed to take back control of Congress and the White House.   After I heard that, I just tuned her out and handed out fliers about this movement not being a (R)/(D) movement.  It also advertised The Liberty Journal website.

We need to grow this more and plan these once every 3 month.  The more we have them, the more people will start to attend.  When Boiling Spring had their Tea Party this past April, only about 150 people showed up.  Three months later, well over 300 showed.  Even though it’s the 4th of July, that double the attendees.  Support you local Tea Parties.

Here are more pics from the rally.

Story Amended July 5, 2009

The Spartanburg Herald write-up on the story on July 5, 2009.  They estimated the crowd between 600-800, so I missed by several hundred.  Way to go Upstate.

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