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We know how hell bent, Harry Reid (d) NV is on instituting the Obama administration’s socialized health care program. Since he doesn’t like opponents as witnessed last week, where he told a Las Vegas Review Journal representative he hopes they go out of business.

I guess Reid, tired of the opposition, can circumvent having to face pissed off constituents. He apparently likes to face only those ignorant sheep that think socialism is a wonderful prospect. Here a report of Reid’s latest NV event on healthcare. Apparently, he’s opting out of the town halls to discuss socialized health care to invite-only healthcare reform rallies. That’s correct! If you are a Reid constituent and oppose his stance on it, you must leave. No opposition make for great coverage in the progressive MSM agenda.

Seriously, are people of this ilk the best choice to lead our country? I certainly hope not. What are the voters of California thinking when they elect someone to public office with these views? It’s hard to believe the majority of her constituents agree with this nonsense.

Michelle Malkin reports that Watson is a long time race baiter. She attacked Ward Connerly for marrying a white woman and bragged about Washington, D.C. being a “chocolate city.”

I place Watson firmly in the category of Enemy of the States (and the constitution).