After much criticism regarding President Obama’s plan to address America’s school children, The Washington Post  is reporting that the administration has redesigned the effort. Initially, Obama’s team came up with the wonderful idea of pitching to school children in order to solidify some support of his misguided policy initiatives.  Since, the Obama team is unable to garner support from the majority of America’s adult population for his socialist agenda, they decided to have Obama address the children to shore up some support.

So, now instead of Obama addressing the schools via video and having teachers issue a class assignment requesting children to write an essay on how they can help Obama, children will now be requested to write on how they can achieve long and short-term educational goals. The entire idea of indoctrinating school children with propaganda is morally objectionable, at best. This is a continuation of the Obama team’s effort to whip the nation up in a nationalistic furor.

White House aides said the language was an honest misunderstanding in what was supposed to be a inspirational, pro-education message to America’s youths.

The only education he was providing in his initial plan was selling bad ideas to kids, whose parents are not buying it. It also opened up the possibility that children not supporting this agenda could be bullied and targeted by fellow classmates, whose parents support this indoctrination program. Inspirational? Inspired to support the state, I guess. If children are going to be exposed to the dirty game of politics, then it should be initiated by parents, not the state. While I don’t mind encouragement from Obama to my kids to stay focused on education, anything political is off limits.

So, for those who don’t want the politicization of the classroom, they will be attacked from liberal pundits like long time political strategist, Norman Ornstein.  As with most of these progressive clowns, if you don’t want to ride the Obama train, you are demonized. Mr. Ornstein states,

The fact that a standard issue speech by a president, with a good, common sense, even conservative message about education, school, hard work and perseverance, is being hit hard by the right tells us how dysfunctional our politics are, how shrill the discourse is getting from the president’s foes, and how some people are blinded from common sense by their visceral hatred for Obama and his side of the aisle.

Pundits like this are a major reason America keeps buying into the left/right political paradigm scam. I’d say Mr. Ornstein could find a nice position in the Hugo Chavez administration. Oops, that’s not in America -yet.