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So what is the true relevance to the outcome of the hotly contested special election in NY District 23. Democrats feel the outcome would be an indictment regarding the American public’s acceptance/rejection of the Obama administration’s policy initiatives. Republicans are taking that similar view, but apparently want to test to GOP members’ support of RHINO initiatives. However, the most significant issue at stake is the success of a third-party candidate and how that may permanently alter the left/right paradigm created by the divisive politics through which both democrats and republicans have defined themselves.

For those Americans, like myself, who realize the (d) and (r) political parties are merely mechanisms to keep Americans divided, this is a defining moment in history that will hopefully demonstrate the failings of this fake two-party political system. We have the GOP establishment backing a candidate who is, at best, a moderate RHINO. Apparently. the strategy is to line the party with RHINOs in order to confuse enough center-leaning democrats to gain their support of the GOP. Personally, the GOP appears to be lost, with no identification, looking for rocks to cling to as it falls over the cliff.

With the likes of Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Joe Lieberman, Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, etc., the once-conservative GOP is so splintered they can’t figure out whether to garner support from the “religious right or from La Raza. Apparently, since the GOP has no identity, they want to be everything to everyone. The republican establishment is so splintered, you have members of this lost organization supporting a candidate, Dede Scozzafava, who supports abortion and gay marriage.

Outraged with the GOP backing of the moderate/liberal candidate, the conservative 3rd-party candidate, Doug Hoffman, entered the race against the liberal and the extremely liberal candidates. All things considered, the poll numbers show that Hoffman is a formidable and credible challenger. He is a true conservative. However, the GOP has waged war against this conservative and re-filled the empty campaign warchest of Scozzafava. She has been endorsed by the GRNC, Michael Steele, Newt Gingrich, John Boehner (R-Ohio), Pete Sessions (R-TX), Charlie Dent (R-PA), NRA, 16 local unions in 3 NY counties, Eric Cantor (R-VA), Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Jeb Hensarling (R-TX), ex-Rep. Nancy Johnson (R-CT), amongst other RHINOs. Hoffman’s endorsements include Steve Forbes, Rick Santorum, Todd Thiart (R-KS), Sarah Palin, Club for Growth, Fred D. Thompson, State Troopers Police Benevolent Association, Susan B. Anthony List, Gary Bauer, Michele Bachmann (R-MN), GOP conservative blog Red State, amongst others.

The GOP’s primary argument against the conservative Doug Hoffman is that a vote for him is a vote for the (d) party because it will split the (r) vote. That’s it. They surely aren’t going to emphasize backing an abortion supporter. No, just the same old scare tactics merely to have an (r) seat going to Congress.

To those of you riding the fence on this issue and don’t feel like you’re represented in Congress, I hope you will stay on the fence and not fall on either the (r) or (d) side and support the Independent party candidate. This is the time to take a stand and take the initiative to reject the divisive politics from both republicans and democrats. Of course, there are those who want progressive, total government control with cradle-to-grave nanny-state governance. Then there are those who want to bomb every perceived enemy, maintain a police-state, and perpetuate the “boogie man under your bed” mentality, while preaching to turn the other cheek. You know, from George Soros to Jon Hagee. Those are the extreme elements of society and, even though in the minority, have unlimited finances to spread their propaganda and coerce compliance. Reject the extremes of these elements and the self-serving politicians who serve only special interests, not you.

This most important election will provide a barometer of support for the 3rd-party political movement, which has struggled to gain traction to this point. Both (d) and (r) parties will stifle all attempts to keep Americans from waking up to the truth. While it may be perceived, by those voters in NY 23rd Congressional district, that those outside the district don’t have a horse in this race, think again. This is a referendum on whether Americans are tired and disgusted that both major political parties have become merely power-hungry political machines hell-bent on earning their commission for carrying out the destruction of America. Please New Yorkers and other Americans, take a stand against the sell-out of America and vote 3rd party in order to set the stage for all U.S. elections of the future.

What a week for news. There was far too much to cover and it looks like this is the new trend. Throw it hard and heavy and some is bound to stick. Here’s a recap of the significant stories of the week.

White House to Keep Obama’s ‘Czars’ from Testifying Before Congress

White House Counsel Greg Craig has indicated that he will refuse to allow any of the 18 new “czar” positions created by President Obama to testify before Congress…to ask fundamental questions of the czars about their roles and responsibilities.

Newest Health Bill – Read the Finance Committee Health Care Bill

We now have the full text of the 1,502-page Senate Finance Committee health care bill posted for public review and comment. Dig in:

Administration plans pay cuts at bailout firms

The Obama administration plans to order companies that received huge government bailouts

Obama open to newspaper bailout bill

The president said he is “happy to look at” bills before Congress that would give struggling news organizations tax breaks if they were to restructure as nonprofit businesses.

Bank failures top 100, only part of industry woes

The cascade of bank failures this year surpassed 100 on Friday, the most in nearly two decades.

Crude oil spikes above 81 dollars

World oil prices spiked Wednesday to a one-year peak above 81 dollars, as investors reacted to plunging US gasoline or petrol reserves, and the tumbling greenback, traders said.

Thatcher adviser: Copenhagen goal is 1-world government

A former science adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher says the real purpose of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen on Dec. 7-18 is to use global warming hype as a pretext to lay the foundation for a one-world government.

White House attacks worry moderate Democrats

“There’s no reason to gratuitously piss off all those companies,” added another Democrat, Rep. Jim Moran of Virginia. “The Chamber isn’t an opponent.”

FCC Votes for Net Neutrality

On Thursday, the FCC approved a measure to begin the process of formalizing a set of net neutrality rules that would ban ISPs from selectively filtering or throttling content. Texas Rep. Barton tried to stop the FCC from voting on the measure in the first place by pleading with commissioners to stop the vote from occurring.

Physicians’ Views of the Massachusetts Health Care

In 2006, Massachusetts enacted the country’s first law mandating near-universal health care coverage,1 and the state now has the lowest proportion of uninsured residents in the United States.

Senate to increase national debt to above $13 trillion; Dems looking for political cover

Knowing they will face unyielding GOP attacks for voting to increase the eye-popping debt, Democrats are considering attaching a debt increase provision to a must-pass bill

Dollar hits 14-month low against euro

Hitting a 14-month low against the euro, the sinking dollar renewed concerns Wednesday about higher oil prices and other inflationary threats.

7 Months After Stimulus 49 of 50 States Have Lost Jobs

According to the data, 49 States and the District of Columbia have lost jobs since stimulus was enacted.

HHS Web Site May Be ‘Propaganda

Senate Finance ranking member Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) is raising concerns that a Department of Health and Human Services Web site that urges visitors to send an e-mail to President Barack Obama praising his health care reform plan may violate rules against government-funded propaganda.

Reid Leads Democrats In Carving Out Favors for States on Health

Harry Reid, put in an $829 billion health-care bill to shield constituents from measures intended to pay for the biggest overhaul of the medical system in four decades.The result is the new policies may be unevenly administered, with some U.S. states getting preferential treatment

Reported by Reuters, Obama’s Economic Policy Advisor, Lawrence Summers, states that the U.S. economic recovery is on track. The problem here is that this administration, like most of America, have no clue where this track leads. While I do not want to be a “doubting Thomas”, this interview reads like a play from the propaganda 101 handbook.

First of all, and most importantly, this guy is a rich bureaucrat who helped block regulation on an industry that he made millions from. He was part of the team, that included Alan Greenspan and Robert Rubin. In 1998, this group of rich elitist blocked all attempts to regulate the highly volatile derivatives market. Their efforts succeeded and the derivative market exponentially grew and eventually brought the U.S. economy to the brink of disaster. So, all things considered, this corrupt Clinton re-tread has no credibility to talk about any recovery and those words should ring hollow.

Even if these statements were made by Snow White, they would still provide little assurances or comfort. Let’s see.

“There’s really no doubt that the third quarter registered growth, and growth at a non-trivial rate…”

Sure, when you count “cash for clunkers” and the extended “first-time home owners tax credit”. I’m still not sure why the administration would include the temporary benefits of these two socialist programs to convince the public of continued sustained growth.

“I think the dollar … is going to be the world’s primary reserve currency for … the foreseeable future,” Summers said. “I think the most important thing we can do for the dollar is make sure that it rests on strong fundamentals.

The strength of our dollar is contingent on other countries having confidence in our federal government to reduce our deficit spending and not continue to monetize our foreign debt. The world’s confidence in the American economy and dollar helps the dollar retains its world’s reserve currency status. Considering the Obama administration’s plan of massive new government sponsored social programs, I think little confidence is given to America’s ability to sustain this debt/death spiral.

“The question of what will propel growth throughout the expansion is still a crucial one,” Summers added. “But that’s always the case at the beginning of expansions.”

Expansion? The only thing these financial mad men understand is expansion of the next bubble. Take your pick- treasuries/bonds (all levels of government), credit card debt, student loan debt, commercial real estate, etc.. Maybe expansion of all the new government policing positions that will be created to assess and enforce fines for American’s non-compliance of the upcoming compulsory health care legislation or the cap and tax green police.

“I think the increase in oil prices is probably … more a reflection of recovery and the expectation of continued recovery than a threat to recovery,”

Oil is higher why? Supply/demand right? Wrong. Oil inventories are at record levels and Americans are cutting back in time of government unpredictability. Refiners are shutting down facilities to stem the tide of excess supply. The supply/demand function doesn’t apply here. It’s supply manipulation and the falling value of the U.S. dollar. To add insult to injury, supply/demand has a tough time operating efficiently when large investment banks/firms utilize derivatives (futures contracts) to continually manipulate the price of oil.

To top it all off, this is coming from the man who helped cause the biggest economic downturn in modern U.S. history by blocking derivatives reform during the Clinton administration. Summers now wants financial reform in the the banking and investment industries. That’s rich.

Mr. Summers’ past actions indicate a history of allowing exotic financial concoctions to cripple the U.S. economy. Now, as an overly wealthy elitist, he wants to regulate an industry that made him a rich man. Why would any American believe his words now? Well, I think the corrupt figures brought in to advise Obama (clintonites pt. 3) will finally wake up the American public to their fleecing of America.

Bottom-line: Don’t trust the words of elitist government officials (both republican and democrat) who get rich from your misery.  Wake-up American.

I not sure what all the fuss is about. Apparently Target received complaints about this costume being highly offensive and pulled it from the market. Apparently, someone is still selling it.

Since when did it become offensive to make fun of lawbreakers who’ve entered America illegally. Offensive is having our corrupted politicians pandering to these illegals for votes.

Lindsey Graham is no friend of the Constitution or those who voted him in office. He can’t hold a candle to Ron Paul, a true defender of America’s constitutional principles. The Southern Avenger states it’s very nicely.

So Harry spills the beans. While trying to downplay the effects of tort reform on the cost of the proposed health care bill, Harry Reid comes clean on its anticipated cost? Apparently, tort reform measures will only reduce costs by approximately $58 billion and, according to Harry, that’s a small fraction of the overall $2 trillion cost. I say with the government controlling/running health care, they will be lucky if the cost is only that much. Thanks for the heads-up Harry.