In this article, Gibbs Says He Doesn’t Know if White House Has Reviewed Constitutionality of Forcing People to Buy Health Insurance, Gibbs was asked about whether the constitutionality of the proposed health care legislation be taken into consideration. While I really didn’t expect them to consider it, I was shocked by this statement he made:

he does not know if White House lawyers have reviewed whether it is constitutional for the federal government to order individuals to buy health insurance and said that the White House is not seriously considering the concerns of people…who believe the mandate is not constitutionally justified.

Even though I consider Orin Hatch (R-Utah) a over worn Washington insider, he makes some valid points in this video regarding the constitutionality of the proposed health care legislation.

As pointed out, once the federal government makes health care coverage compulsory, it will open the flood gates for other compulsory demands that will dictate the live of Americans in the future. No, you will not be deciding your future. You do not know what’s best for you and your family, so please step aside and let our effective and efficient federal government tell you how. No, really. Let this compulsory program slip through and it will never stop.

Wake up America.