It’s been reported by the GOP that the proposed health care legislation would create a plethora of new agencies to the federal government. While I believe republicans no more than their democrat counterparts, you have to assume a tangled web of government departments will built into this proposed health care system.  Considering that government hasn’t the ability to control the size and costs of the bureaucracies it creates, why would American taxpayers allow Congress to create more. While we may not approve, the White House cares less. Obama must be counting the potential positions within these bureaucracies to pad his fictitious jobs numbers. The funny thing is that no one is talking about the sub-bureaucracies that will be created within the IRS when the Treasury Department’s police force is married to American’s health care. You talk about an Orwellian concept.

This older ACLU (even though they are an enemy of the Constitution) video shows the potential ramifications of having this gargantuan health care beast shoved down our throats.

Ordering a Pizza In Socialist America

This is a play for total information control and it will dictate your future in America.

Wake up America