This 8-part video, while a year old, gives insight into the politicization and propagandizing of the global warming scare.

Yes, I agree there are global warming trends. I also agree there are global cooling trends. If you listen to the alarmist (including the majority of the comma-induced state-controlled media), we’re doomed. A great crisis on a world-wide scale.

So the answer is to have a U.N.- backed global monetary climate trading and financial system to allow for the punishment of energy users and producers without repercussion and accountability. Any global governance system that seeks to contractually bind a country to any agreement without that country’s citizen’s approval is merely a device designed  to strip sovereignty from that country in order to diminish/eliminate personal freedom and liberty of its citizens.

This flies in the face of of our Constitutional Republic and is a continuation of our federal government’s expansionism  policy that was re-defined under the traitorous Woodrow Wilson’s progressive administration. It’s merely about the money and power.

There is a need to treat the earth kinder, but it doesn’t get achieved through a mandate established by an unaccountable world governing body.

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