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A Call to Action
The Time is Now
Robert A. Bonelli

Most polls show that the majority of Americans do not want the healthcare insurance reform that was recently passed by the House and is currently being debated on the floor of the Senate.  Most independent studies show that current legislation will not only do little to lower premiums but will most likely raise the cost of healthcare insurance.  Most experts on both sides of the issue point to an increase in the national debt to pay for what is little more than a grab for power and a reduction in personal freedom.   None of these facts matter to the Democrats in Congress.  They continue to press forward and have simply tuned out the American people!

What can we do?  Write letters to the senators who are debating now, in hopes that they will actually listen? No! They are not going to listen.  They have no respect for the American people.

So what do we do?  We launch a grass roots effort across the nation and we do it now.  I urge everyone to call, write or e-mail their local newspaper, radio station, television station and network affiliate.  If our voices combine and grow louder and louder, these news outlets will be forced to report the sound of a nation screaming, “We don’t want this and we will not be quiet while our freedom is taken by elected officials who are betraying their oath to support and defend the constitution!”

We need to begin immediately and act relentlessly.  Call, write, e-mail and pressure all of your nearest news outlets and tell them that you will not stand for this grab of our freedom!

It all about the money.  This unelected world government organization wants your tax dollars plain and simple. You do not have any say in it. Here is the most substantive U.N. quote from the AP story:

“Time is up,” Yvo de Boer said. “Over the next two weeks governments have to deliver.”

Finance — billions of dollars immediately and hundreds of billions of dollars annually within a decade — was emerging as the key to unblocking an agreement that would bind the global community to a sweeping plan to combat climate change.

Call and your elected official an tell them we cannot afford this U.N. tax and to vote against repressive taxes that will be needed to pay for this world government agenda.