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Interesting back and forth, with what are perhaps the toughest questions Obama has faced since the election.

I think more politicians should engage in these kinds of open debates with their critics. While I disagree with Obama on policy, we finally see same frankness from him on the way things work in DC.

Perhaps it’s old news that Sarah Palin supporters and Tea Party participants are extremely upset over Sarah Palin’s agreement to speak for a $100,000 fee at a for-profit event organized by Tea Party Nation. Considering most of the Tea Party supporters are just plain folk, I think they should be upset with Palin’ speaking fee and the fact it costs over $500 per person to attend.

Today, it’s reported that one of my favorite Congresspersons, Michele Bachmann is pulling out. Marsha Balckburn (R-TN) has announced she is cancelling her speaking engagement as well. Perhaps they claim to have different reasons for backing out, I believe Bachmann realizes the backlash she’ll experience for speaking a this Tea Party Nation event.

As reported:

Reps. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) have withdrawn from their speaking slots at the National Tea Party Convention after controversy mounted about how proceeds would be used.

The reported reason for the Bachmann and Blackburn cancellation:

Reps. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) have withdrawn from their speaking slots at the National Tea Party Convention after controversy mounted about how proceeds would be used…

“Due to conflicting advice on whether Rep. Bachmann’s participation in the upcoming Tea Party Nation Convention would be in line with the Committee on Standards, Congresswoman Bachmann has decided not to participate in the event,” said spokeswoman Debbee Keller…

The Tennessee Republican said…”I spoke to Judson Phillips this morning and let him know that I could not participate in the convention. I told him frankly that Tea Party Nation’s for-profit status has put many of his speakers in an awkward position,”

I have always had the feeling that Palin would be folded back into the GOP machine, especially with her reluctance to come right out and declare support for the Tea Parties. Even if she were to cancel her speaking engagement, her declared support of GOP Rino/Progressive John McCain is deal breaker. Seeing that Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks is not going to support any John McCain opponents (backing the establishment), maybe Sarah will go join Dick and they can promote corruption together.

Sarah Palin is a sell-out and a GOP shill.  Good luck with that Sarah Palin.

I think the creator of this video, from the website, is as disillusioned as Obama in his State of The Union Address. It’s actually quite entertaining also. He thinks Tea Party radicals that support states’ rights and believe Obama is a Socialist are a danger to America and must be stopped.

I guess the progressives realize we are getting close to waking up the entire country to the socialist agenda being thrust upon them.

I am libertarian by nature. I’m a “no special rights” kind of person, except for the handicapped (even that to a limit), because its consequence always produces a prejudice. I subscribe to the notion that round holes and square pegs don’t go together. Nor do I believe that homosexuality is natural. I’d say if that were the case, then I’d think this natural occurrence would be obviously exhibited by all of G-ds creations regularly. I don’t remember ever seeing gay parrots, monkeys, cats,, giraffes, dragonflies, lizards, etc.., but I could be wrong.

Well, then there’s the argument that only humans have the capacity to reason, so “we’re special”. If there was ever a waste of a great gift.

Even that said, I feel people have the right to choose with whom they keep company or join in civil union. But my point of this is, while that right to be a homosexual already exists here in America, no where does it state in the U.S Constitution or anywhere that U.S. Congressional members, led by a gay-rights activist/Wisconsin Congresswoman, have the right to use taxpayer dollars to go on a special interest crusade to push for gay-rights, in a foreign country.

As reported by WorldTribune,com article, Democrat ‘gay’ lobby targets Uganda campaign against European pedophiles

the “gay rights” lobby is demanding more. Led by lesbian Rep. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, 90 mostly Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives are demanding that President Obama denounce the Christians of Uganda for considering new legislation opposing homosexual practices that threaten public health in that East African country.

If the Ugandans want to bring about some special rights for homosexuals, then so be it. When it becomes the business of the U.S. Congress, at taxpayer expense, it’s time for these self-serving politicians to make way for some true Statesmen and Stateswomen. This has become typical of the current neo-progressive movement attempting to hijack free Americans of their remaining liberties. Stayed tuned for a follow-up on the 90 Congressional members supporting this progressive waste of taxpayer money and American citizens’ good name.

Remember this quote:

“I can promise you that this is just the beginning of a new way of doing business here in Washington, because the American people have every right to expect and to demand a government that is more efficient, more accountable, and more responsible in keeping the public’s trust,”

That was Obama in early 2009 when discussing openness in the way the Federal Government does it’s business, and particularly, the no-bid contracts that have become a main-stay in Washington’s corruption. Apparently, a big Democratic Party donor landed a $25 mil contract to train the Afghanis in the “rule of law” by way of a no-bid contract.

As reported by Fox News,

Despite President Obama’s long history of criticizing the Bush administration for “sweetheart deals” with favored contractors, the Obama administration this month awarded a $25 million federal contract for work in Afghanistan to a company owned by a Democratic campaign contributor without entertaining competitive bids…

The contract, awarded on Jan. 4 to Checchi & Company Consulting, Inc., a Washington-based firm owned by economist and Democratic donor Vincent V. Checchi, will pay the firm $24,673,427 to provide “rule of law stabilization services” in war-torn Afghanistan.

This contract’s purpose is to train the legal profession in Afghanistan in order to develop a sound legal framework for the country. These no-bid contract were to become the exception in emergencies. I just don’t see the emergency. When Fox News asked a USAID spokesperson about this contract, they got a typical Obama Administration smart-ass remark

Asked about the contract, USAID Acting Press Director Harry Edwards at first suggested his office would be too “busy” to comment on it. “I’ll tell it to the people in Haiti,” Edwards snapped…

Rep. Darrell Issa (R) has found this no-bid contract distrurbing and has asked for all related contract documents. Issa notes, in a letter to USAID Administrator

“the consulting contract awarded to Checchi to support the Afghan justice system does not appear to be so urgent or attendant to an immediate need so as to justify such a waiver.”

And if to make this a bigger joke, when Fox tried to obtain interviews and comments from Checchi & Company Consulting, Inc. competitors about the no-bid situation, they were all afraid of repercussions from the Obama administration, so interviews and comments were declined.

Scientists using selective temperature data

Two months after “climategate” cast doubt on some of the science behind global warming, new questions are being raised about the reliability of a key temperature database, used by the United Nations and climate change scientists as proof of recent planetary warming.

Two American researchers allege that U.S. government scientists have skewed global temperature trends by ignoring readings from thousands of local weather stations around the world, particularly those in colder altitudes and more northerly latitudes, such as Canada.

In the 1970s, nearly 600 Canadian weather stations fed surface temperature readings into a global database assembled by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Today, NOAA only collects data from 35 stations across Canada.

Worse, only one station — at Eureka on Ellesmere Island — is now used by NOAA as a temperature gauge for all Canadian territory above the Arctic Circle.

The Canadian government, meanwhile, operates 1,400 surface weather stations across the country, and more than 100 above the Arctic Circle, according to Environment Canada.

First the collusion between \”globalwarmalarmist\” then the fact that Glacier data was made up by an Indian help line, now we have selective data collection.

You can not base public policy on fabricated data. Global warming is a hoax. The question now is, what is the intent of those perpetrating this hoax?