Targeting Citizens Is Getting Too Serious To Ignore

Robert A. Bonelli

The Senatorial campaign of Scott Brown, the Republican candidate in the special election in Massachusetts, is gaining momentum and causing his opposition in the Democratic Party to panic. Panic reveals the worst in people and panic also reveals the truth of what people really think. Has panic over a possible Brown victory resulted in the Democratic Party stepping up its verbal attack on American citizens to the point that it is now becoming too serious, and possibly too dangerous, to pass off as simply politics?

Brown’s opposition is now targeting the TEA Party movement as “his radical backers.”  In recent remarks by prominent Democratic Politicians, as published on the Fox News website this weekend (, Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., called Brown a “far-right tea-bagger” in an e-mail, using a term that also can refer to a sexual act. Then on Friday, Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., wrote in a fundraising e-mail that Coakley (Brown’s Democratic Party opponent) was “being attacked by tea partiers and right-wing radicals.”

Patriotic citizens exercising their free speech against the big government policies of the Obama Administration have been attacked repeatedly since the TEA Party movement began to grow across the Untied States last summer.  Democratic House (of Representatives) leader Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid, the left leaning old media and even Mr. Obama, have used the term “tea-bagger” as a pejorative reference to everyday Americans who decided to leave their comfort zones and speak out for the preservation of personal liberties and for less government in their lives.  These current attacks on Scott Brown should awaken all Americans to the planned targeting of opposition speech.

The increased targeting of TEA Party patriots by the Obama Administration, the Democratic controlled Congress and the old media should be a major concern for all Americans.  If we don’t recognize what is beginning and quickly speak out to stop it, we could be on the verge of a Crystal Night (name that’s been given to the night of 9-10 November 1938. In almost all large German cities and some smaller ones that night, store windows of Jewish shops were broken, Jewish houses and apartments were destroyed, and synagogues were demolished and set on fire. Many Jews were arrested, some were beaten, and some were even killed. The “Reich Crystal Night” (Reichskristallnacht) was one of the most shameful events of National Socialist Germany) in our own nation.

The Crystal Night reference should be disturbing to every citizen of our great country, but it should be even more disturbing to see American citizens singled out and targeted – verbally, for now – by our own government.   History teaches us that tyranny is supported by creating an internal enemy to be the target of anger, anger that is then diverted away from the tyrannical government and toward the innocent citizenry identified as that internal enemy.

TEA Party patriots speaking out against big government policies that are driving our nation deeper into debt and stripping us of personal liberties should not be vilified, but praised.   Every American exercising his or her constitutional rights should be honored by our government.  Unfortunately our government has clearly forgotten that it is subject to its citizens and not the other way around.

All American citizens regardless of their political beliefs should not tolerate the targeting of their fellow citizens.  All of those who have taken the oath “to support and defend the Constitution of the United States”, should make it clear to the government that you will stand with your fellow citizens and defend their right to speak out.  Now is the time.