I am libertarian by nature. I’m a “no special rights” kind of person, except for the handicapped (even that to a limit), because its consequence always produces a prejudice. I subscribe to the notion that round holes and square pegs don’t go together. Nor do I believe that homosexuality is natural. I’d say if that were the case, then I’d think this natural occurrence would be obviously exhibited by all of G-ds creations regularly. I don’t remember ever seeing gay parrots, monkeys, cats,, giraffes, dragonflies, lizards, etc.., but I could be wrong.

Well, then there’s the argument that only humans have the capacity to reason, so “we’re special”. If there was ever a waste of a great gift.

Even that said, I feel people have the right to choose with whom they keep company or join in civil union. But my point of this is, while that right to be a homosexual already exists here in America, no where does it state in the U.S Constitution or anywhere that U.S. Congressional members, led by a gay-rights activist/Wisconsin Congresswoman, have the right to use taxpayer dollars to go on a special interest crusade to push for gay-rights, in a foreign country.

As reported by WorldTribune,com article, Democrat ‘gay’ lobby targets Uganda campaign against European pedophiles

the “gay rights” lobby is demanding more. Led by lesbian Rep. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, 90 mostly Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives are demanding that President Obama denounce the Christians of Uganda for considering new legislation opposing homosexual practices that threaten public health in that East African country.

If the Ugandans want to bring about some special rights for homosexuals, then so be it. When it becomes the business of the U.S. Congress, at taxpayer expense, it’s time for these self-serving politicians to make way for some true Statesmen and Stateswomen. This has become typical of the current neo-progressive movement attempting to hijack free Americans of their remaining liberties. Stayed tuned for a follow-up on the 90 Congressional members supporting this progressive waste of taxpayer money and American citizens’ good name.