As reported previously on The Liberty Journal, several big supporters of the Teal Party Movement has already pulled out.

Fox new is reporting the following..

Over the past few weeks, several sponsors, speakers and volunteers have backed out of the convention, scheduled Feb. 4-6 at Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tenn., after learning that the convention organizer, Tea Party Nation, is a for-profit company. Some activists and outsiders alike are questioning the motives of Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips.

Phillips originally said profits from the convention would fund a tax-exempt, “527” political organization that would air ads to promote conservative candidates.

But Phillips later told Politico that plans for the 527 group may not fly.

The event’s main sponsor, American Liberty Alliance, dropped its sponsorship after learning that those who purchased tickets paid for them through PayPal accounts linked to an e-mail address belonging to Phillips’ wife.

National Precinct Alliance has canceled precinct strategy workshops. Meanwhile, American Majority scrapped plans for two sessions at the convention and withdrew its sponsorship.

The national convention that began as a way to unify tea party activists from across the country is now threatening to divide them. Some of Tea Party Nation’s own volunteers and members have rejected the convention because they see profiteering and fear a Republican Party takeover.

Something just doesn’t smell right here. I think Scott Boston summed it up pretty well..

“It seems to me like it’s going to be a bunch of people who want to stand in front of our movement and lead it as parade leaders rather than being somebody who wants to walk with us in the parade,” said Scott Boston, member of Bowling Green Ohio Tea Party Patriots.

Sara Palin is still planning on being the keynote speaker at the event. At $349 to hear Palin and $549 for the full event, I don’t see the average Tea Party activist attending.  This kind of thing runs counter to the fiscal sensibility of Tea Party activists.

It’s a shame it had to come to this. The Tea Party movement deserves better.