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I think those of us who were part of the current Tea Party movement from the beginning, who  definitely question our government, anticipated attacks from the media, liberals, and progressives. We knew that this movement was at risk of being hijacked by the GOP if the Tea parties grew our numbers of grass-roots activists significantly. However, considering that the neoconservatives destroyed the political party that once represented conservative Americans, I had hoped they had been fully exposed and duly disposed. We knew these war-hawkish windbags were slick as proven from their exodus of the Progressive Democratic Party ranks. They then proceeded to utilized their chameleon-like attributes to create the Progressive Republican faction. We knew they had the big bucks and the support of media king neocon, Ruppert Murdock.

During the nauseating Presidential campaigns of 2008, we got to see how severely fractured our political system is. The choices from the so-called two major parties were a flaming progressive and a moderate progressive. It felt more like choosing between two Democrats. Let’s turn our attention to Republican Progressive faction of the GOP. I don’t believe I need to prove John McCain is a progressive. Unfortunately, for Sarah Palin, guilt by association makes her a progressive. To top off that guilt by association, Palin’s vetting as a VP candidate was handled by master neocon Henry Kissinger. Seeing that most media outlets and political blog/forum sites have examined and scrutinized Palin endlessly, I won’t partake in that activity. Unfortunately for America, she has become a cult star, with a following eerily similar to those of Obama cult movement leading up to his Presidency.

This is the same cult-like behaviour that pushed Obama into the Presidency. These cult followers are the ones who can tell you who won American Idol in 2006, but can’t tell you who the first five Presidents of the United States were, or recite any of the U.S Constitution, or name the capital of Rhode Island. The mindset of the majority of the voting public is ass-backward. Heck, I bet if you took Palin, dressed her up in a super skimpy tight skirt, put a guitar in her hand ,and let her lip sink next to Bruce Springsteen at a U.N. global warming relief benefit, she would win the hearts of millions of mindless Progressive Democrats. Even though they currently claim to hate her, I think they’re just mad they got stuck with Hillary.

By the way, my background (in no particular order) – I despise politicians, love statesmen, question my governments’ motives, dislike most TV, loath the liberal entertainment business, think all media is in the tank for progressive globalism, believe that financial mad scientist (banks and federal government) gamed our economic system for private financial gain at the expense of 99.9% of Americans, think 80% of American are mindless sheep, that credit is a great banking scam, materialism is overrated, think that there’s only one major political party in America, don’t believe the Constitution of the United States is a “living, breathing document”, and our Constitutional Republic is the best governmental system to ever exist. Oh yea, and I think Sarah Palin is a GOP Neocon plant.

The Tea Parties in 2009 experienced a groundswell of grass-roots organizing that was impressive. On cue, the liberal media began their attacks. Those attacks were often constructive in terms of the information the media was willing to dig up in order to discredit the Tea Party patriots. Of course, one of the media’s rallying cries was that this was GOP astroturfing, and in fact, they provided evidence of GOP involvement in a couple of purported Tea Party organizations. It appears GOP rank and file are trying to lure these former GOP, now pissed off Neo-Tea Partiers back under that crusty and moldy big tent. No surprises, right.

Then Sarah Palin was announced as a keynote speaker at a purported Nashville Tea Party-related event, where tickets were available in the $325.00 range. I’m not going to analyse this either, but many of us saw it coming. The primary focus of the Nashville convention was how to take back the GOP. So, the same people who killed the GOP now seek to utilize this true grass-roots movement to re-fill their ranks and return to Bush-Oligarch, war-hawking policies that have contributed to America’s demise. Now the GOP has found religion since the Democrats in control happen to be a bit more progressive than they are. So now, Sarah Palin, former running mate of Progressive Republican John McCain is now a Tea Party patriot, with the backing of Fox News. She collects speaking fees at these so-called Tea Party events to donate to her PAC that donates to the pack of Cap-n-Tax/Amnesty supporters like John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Sarah Palin is an “old school” GOP shill and very Neo-conservative on defense. Her “common sense mantra” ad infinitum ironically seems to affect her cult followers that lack the common sense needed to reign in an out of control government.

Believe it not I’m not one of those “Sarah Palin haters”. In fact, I kind of like her, but knew something was wrong when she became a GOP mouthpiece. I even think she’s pretty hot (not as much as Bachman though), but I’m not going to turn into a drooling cult-like zombie offering my unconditional support. Then I would find myself having to justify my stupor and claim that even though I oppose progressive Republcans, my idolatrous attraction to Palin excuses her support of progressive Republicans. Then I could erroneously claim that my support of Palin, who supports John McCain and Lindsey Graham, doesn’t indicate that I’m progressive and then proceed to call anyone stupid who disagrees. That seems to be the MO of these Palin idol worshippers. Sarah Palin seems like a nice person, but unfortunately, I think most of the true Tea Party patriots know that Palin is very effective GOP spokesperson and master recruiter of the newly branded and healed political party. That’s perfectly fine, but Palin does not represent the Tea Party patriots.

For those still having doubt about Sarah Palin’s alliances to the GOP and the GOP’s desire to turn the Tea Party patriots into your standard rank and file progressive Republicans, she clears it up clearly in a speech given at an Arkansas GOP fundraiser this past Tuesday. Here is what CBS reported:

“Now the smart thing will be for independents who are such a part of this Tea Party movement to, I guess, kind of start picking a party,” Palin said. “Which party reflects how that smaller, smarter government steps to be taken? Which party will best fit you? And then because the Tea Party movement is not a party, and we have a two-party system, they’re going to have to pick a party and run one or the other: ‘R’ or ‘D’.”

Palin said that the Republican platform best meshed with the Tea Party’s creed.

Palin reinforced her neoconservative tendencies, when prompted to answer a pre-screened question as to what was America’s biggest threat. In a remark that would make Dick Cheney and Bill Crystal proud, she indicated

“that a nuclear weapon in the hands of a regime or terrorist group was the biggest threat to the country.”

In other words, “boo, Al Qaeda is still under your bed”. How about stopping our government and banks from their brutal and relentless financial pillaging of America, while they send in their vultures to pick through the carcass of American capitalism. That, in turn, has resulted in a crash of our economy with high unemployment numbers. The other major threat comes from the Federal Government that does not obey our Constitution, which they consider obsolete. I’m afraid that’s not the response you will get from a neocon.

So, Ms. Palin, please stick to the GOP Rhinos and Neocons because that’s what many of us are running away from. We don’t have to pick a party. How about we pick or approve the candidates and if you choose to go against us, your challengers could be rewarded. Listen to us and we’ll guide constitutional government back into place. Keep trying to destroy the Tea Party movement and you will eventually align a host of people from the left and the right that will render America’s two party system obsolete. Come on. I dare ya.

EPA administrator Lisa P. Jackson is infecting the EPA with her radical brand of Environmental Justice. It seems, rather than simply seeking to protect the environment, which is EPA’s true mandate, the EPA has became a tool for progressives to push their Social Justice agenda.

The Environmental Justice movement is related to the Social Justice movement, which seeks to even the playing field through governmental “redistribution of wealth” policies. It’s a tenet of socialism, which marginalizes individualism and self-reliance, while promoting collectivism.

The Environmental Justice movement is based on a belief that environmental racism exists and people of color are somehow disproportionately affected by pollution. There is no real evidence of this, being that everyone, no matter their race, breaths the same air and exists in the same environment.

None the less, the Environmental Justice movement is pushing this agenda and EPA chief Lisa Jackson is leading the way.

I’ve put to together a video of some very disturbing comments from Lisa Jackson, where you can listen to her own words regarding Environmental Justice.

She seeks to indoctrinate millions of children by partnering with the Boys and Girls clubs of America. She uses fear mongering and plays the race card during speeches to LULAC and BIG, then goes on to promote government subsidized “Green Jobs” as a way to create “environmentalists for life”.

Lisa Jackson continues to push the false notion that the very air we exhale is pollution. Considering the dubious climate change science that has came to light of late, and the total rejection of a global warming crisis by the public, we can only hope the EPA will not be able to continue to push this radical leftist agenda on the American people.

This is just another example of the plethora of far left-wing radicals that surround President Obama and not the kind of change the American people are looking for.