EPA administrator Lisa P. Jackson is infecting the EPA with her radical brand of Environmental Justice. It seems, rather than simply seeking to protect the environment, which is EPA’s true mandate, the EPA has became a tool for progressives to push their Social Justice agenda.

The Environmental Justice movement is related to the Social Justice movement, which seeks to even the playing field through governmental “redistribution of wealth” policies. It’s a tenet of socialism, which marginalizes individualism and self-reliance, while promoting collectivism.

The Environmental Justice movement is based on a belief that environmental racism exists and people of color are somehow disproportionately affected by pollution. There is no real evidence of this, being that everyone, no matter their race, breaths the same air and exists in the same environment.

None the less, the Environmental Justice movement is pushing this agenda and EPA chief Lisa Jackson is leading the way.

I’ve put to together a video of some very disturbing comments from Lisa Jackson, where you can listen to her own words regarding Environmental Justice.

She seeks to indoctrinate millions of children by partnering with the Boys and Girls clubs of America. She uses fear mongering and plays the race card during speeches to LULAC and BIG, then goes on to promote government subsidized “Green Jobs” as a way to create “environmentalists for life”.

Lisa Jackson continues to push the false notion that the very air we exhale is pollution. Considering the dubious climate change science that has came to light of late, and the total rejection of a global warming crisis by the public, we can only hope the EPA will not be able to continue to push this radical leftist agenda on the American people.

This is just another example of the plethora of far left-wing radicals that surround President Obama and not the kind of change the American people are looking for.