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Isn’t it interesting how the progressives have changed their tune, now that they are in the majority?

Could the current politicians in Washington be bigger hypocrites? I don’t think so…

Reconciliation is bad – that is if you are having the reconciliation process used against you in Congress. In a Sept. 2008 Cspan interview with Tom Daschle, Harry is clear about not using the Nuclear Option. No embedding allowed, so here’s the link: 195169&start=3006&end=3124

In specific reference to the Nuclear Option being used by Harry Reid in the future:

Daschle : Is there any likelihood that we’re going to face circumstances like that again.

Reid: As long as I’m the leader, NO!

Now fast forward to this week:

You’d think these crooks would cover their lies better than this.  What do you expect from crazy people. So, is Harry psychotic or just a liar. or both.