That’s right. These will be the talking points of progressives from now until November.

We are already seeing the bomb throwers crawling out from under their rocks with claims of racial epitaphs, yet no one has produced a single piece of evidence confirming this claim. It must really be prevalent too, being there aren’t many video cameras around these days.

None the less, even if a few kooks were out of line, it says nothing about the 70% of Americans  who oppose Obamacare on principle.

The fact that there are many citizens of color who will benefit from this new legislation allows the left to play the race card in the debate and believe me, they will.

Of course, anyone who opposes the legislation must surely hate children because under this new plan, they will no longer suffer “discrimination” by evil insurance companies due to preexisting conditions, even though most children are already covered under SCHIP.

Clearly, there is no way anyone could oppose this “historic” legislation unless they’re simply a racist homophobe who hates poor children.

There couldn’t be any other reason to oppose Obamacare. You know, like spending 2.5 trillion dollars we don’t have on a massive new entitlement that will eventually bankrupt the country, as well as raise taxes in the midst of a recession, while shredding the constitution.

Nah, that couldn’t be it…..