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As Americans continue to experience ever increasing infringements on our individual liberty, there has to be some questions as to the source of these infringements.

Progressives in the US and across the world have wanted to bring America in-line with U.N. human rights mandates. Our Constitution doesn’t allow for America’s sovereignty to be subverted by superseding mandates.

However, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) allows for our Constitution to be usurped, even though we have not ratified it, as the rest of the world desires. Obama can just implement the declaration’s human rights agenda without actual ratification. Read the UDHR and you will realize where Obama’s blueprint for the transformation of America originated.

There’s is much more to come from the internationalists, including the right to housing (think Fannie Mae and the glut of foreclosed properties), right to a paid vacation, right to free Internet. Actually, I believe the rest of the Socialist world is just pissed that we continue to fight to the tentacles of nanny-state collectivism. America gave the rest of the world hope that freedom and individual liberty had not succumbed international money-grubbing, power hungry mongrels. Obama and his international handlers have America driving uncontrollably over the cliff of socialism.

Well, the Progressive agenda to paint Tea Party patriots as a threat to America continues, but unfortunately for the author of this inaccurate rant, the case he makes better describes the characteristics of his progressive comrades.

If this author would have any backbone, he would have just come out and said what he means, instead of trying to mislead readers with loose associations of hatred, racism, violence, and ignorance. I’ll highlight the attacks through his associations and I will condense his fluffed up 22 paragraphs into one as to show the intention of this vitriol attack. His premise to portray the Tea Party Movement as immigrant-haters is merely disguised to do what Progressives, Marxist, and Communists do best when they have lost the argument- resort to name calling. I’ll bullet point his vitriol.

  • Teabaggers are nostalgic for the 1950s and resentful about how Senator Joe McCarthy was disrespected
  • we’ve all seen articles focusing on the racist signs and actions at Teabagger events
  • Perhaps the clearest antecedent to the Teabag movement is the American Party, formed in 1845…The core belief of the party was that the United States was being ruined by the influx of “racially inferior” immigrants.
  • Bohunks or Hunkies were Hungarian and Bohemian laborers…were considered less human, even, than the Polacks.
  • Micks and Paddys were Irish immigrants. Potato eaters…derided as Wiggers, a contraction of White-n***er, also dismissed as uncivilized
  • Wops were the Italians…whose presence polluted city ghettos and burdened civic services.
  • The Micks, Hunkies, and Wops (and other immigrant groups) were called untrainable and racially inferior.
  • Was the concept of race was different in those days?…But our need to feel better than someone else remained. So what?! Ta Da! The Beaner, Wetback, Latino “race” emerged.
  • People who benefit from discrimination needed a new target group.
  • the American Party focused on the perceived “threat” to our culture, our nation, our stability, just as the Teabaggers do today.
  • today’s Teabaggers don’t know much about socialism, the American Party members didn’t know much about Catholicism, except that they were scared of it and they hated it.
  • the American Party…People called them, and they proudly called themselves, the Know Nothings
  • Like today’s Teabaggers, the Know Nothings wanted their Constitutional rights, but got angry when anyone asked them to actually discuss constitutional issues and governance
  • the Know Nothings engaged in violence, arson, and destroying property of people who disagreed with them…Like today’s Teabaggers, they didn’t want debates. They shouted down other viewpoints and threatened people with violence or death.
  • One of the driving forces behind the Teabag movement is the desire to remove the illegal Latin invaders
  • Like the people who found and despised the ‘greasy spaghetti eaters” in eastern city sweat shops, the Teabaggers despise the “beaners”
  • Like the Know Nothings, the Teabaggers want the easy game of marching, showing off their guns and their hand made signs.

The Progressive Interpretation

The Tea Party movement is like the “American Party” political movement of the mid-1800’s that hated immigrants and created derogatory names to insult them. The Tea Party patriots are “know nothings” who decry socialism in America and are too ignorant to understand what they’re fighting for. Instead of civil debate, they gather with their guns and home made signs to incite violence and race-bait. SInce they can’t debate the facts, Tea Party patriots resort to name calling and physically assaulting the opposition. The outlook looks good for the Progressive cause.


Wow, these clowns really are insane. Good luck with this Socialist/Marxist assault on America. By the way Mr. LA Progressive, we will be sure to include your name when we resurrect the Committees On Un-American activities. At least you got that part right.

I had the opportunity to attend the Tea Party on Saturday at the Bi-Lo Center on April 17th, 2010. There were lively discussions regarding out of control government, massive spending and and unsustainable debt. The overall sentiment was to throw all the bums out and start over using constitutional principles as the guide.

The Master of Ceremonies was the president of Insensitivity University and professor of non-politically correct studies, our own Bob McClain.


Here are some shots of the crowd.


There were some great signs at the event.


There were two standout speakers at the event.

Dr. Jerome Corsi

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo

Tom Tancredo is a true American patriot and it was an honor to hear him speak.

The turnout was somewhat disappointing, with an estimated 3000 attending, but it was quite warm outside, which I think factored into the turnout. I got lots of sun. Last year, the rally was on late Friday afternoon and there were closer to 10,000 attendees.

Here is a comparison of the crowds from 2009 and 2010



Let’s hope the lower turnout this year is an aberration. Some of the other Tea Parties around the nation were much larger than last years’. Those who don’t get off their butts and let their voices be heard should quit whining.

Apathy is enemy of liberty.

You can quote me on that!!


In the wake of the suspension of the leftist teacher who attempted to organize Tea Party crashers, the real patriots in the movement rallied to expose the infiltrators who were planted to smear our movement. We had some signs of our own.


Many patriots are bringing signs like this one…

If you come to our Tea Party, attempting to besmirch our movement, you will be exposed.

It’s telling how the leftist haters have to invent racists because they couldn’t find any actual examples at the rallies. How pathetic is that?

“The liberties of our Country, the freedom of our civil constitution are worth defending at all hazards: And it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of liberty in the minds on men.” – Samuel Adams

Numbers USA reporter Roy Beck was just trying to cover the Washington DC rally attended by many illegal aliens and Marxists last month. What do Progressives/Marxist/Socialist/Communist do when presented with arguments that oppose their positions of dismantling the sovereignty and Constitution of America? Watch these videos, but make sure you have something to throw-up in as you watch the enemies of America quell dissent with their obstructionist tactics. The thuggery of these cheaters, liars, and crooks is reprehensible.

The worst part of this travesty is that the Washington Mall, maintained with taxpayer money, is policed by Park Police thugs who show more respect for the illegal aliens than the reporter who was removed from the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION RALLY. These people are looking for trouble and the more they continue to allow themselves to be agitated and manipulated, by those who want to destroy America, the frequency in which they will find themselves faced with tens of millions of pissed-off Americas will substantially increase.

Why are these Hispanic ILLEGAL ALIENS being supported by groups like HIAS and the Catholic Church? Without these types of groups that want to destroy America, illegal immigration would be dealt with appropriately by the laws of our land. However, those traitorous groups will continue their assault on America and our Constitutional Republic.

The root of this problem arises from those groups that are “Hate-Brokers” and enemies of the state. Research the Communists subversion of the American Constitution and you will find its toxic activities rooted in Communism that was introduced through unions and social and economic justice groups that insist America was built on a faulty foundation. I say go peddle that progressive bull dung elsewhere.

By the way, hotbeds for Communistic activities are well documented in specific cities such as NYC, Chicago, San Fransisco, St Paul and the institution of Harvard (capital of intelligentsia and elitism movements). Also research The National Committee for Protection of Foreign Born Workers here and here and you’ll be shocked to learn how deep and extensive the rabbit hole really is. The names may have changed, but their game is the same. These traitors gotta go.

Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz (D) apparently believes Americans “just don’t understand” the national mandatory socialized health care system she and her progressives pals shoved down our throats. She explains that Americans are not required to purchase health insurance. No penalties here. It’s merely a tax bracket adjustment. Really?

These Marxist fisters really seem to get off by sticking it to Americans. It’s sad that there are Americas enjoying the rotten fruit born from these abuses and traitorous activities. They gotta go.