The White House can find unlimited ways to keep US borders open to Mexico and refuse to allow proper enforcement to keep Americans safe. I guess it’s just easier to keep the illegals flooding in and keep American out of parts of Arizona. Our border control system is sick and American are sick and tired of the White House’s growing propensity to adhere to the U.N. mandate of open borders.

If lack of manpower is the reason we can’t control US borders, I guarantee that’s a problem easily rectified. I propose those ready, willing, and able can commit to a 2-week volunteer program to increase border enforcement manpower. Provide minimal training and you can have an unlimited pool of candidates who are willing to volunteer their time to provide safety at our sovereign countries borders. I’ll guarantee there are millions of available American, like myself, more than willing to step up to protect America’s borders.

I would be the first to volunteer. Try me.