Diverse news coverage in America is becoming a dinosaur in American society. If you seek that diversity from broadcast and print media, forget about it. Has media consolidation contributed to the demise of informative, accurate, and non-biased news coverage? As far as national coverage, they all have political agendas and their news coverage reflects that. It’s not about the news or anything associated with over-the-air programming and print media. Of course, with past relaxation of cross-ownership in media, we saw the market players shrink to a handful of corporate media moguls. As they concentrated the voices of news coverage, the messages began to reflect political views of the owners, and you see where it has brought them. Previous media ownership consolidation has resulted newspapers losing readership at a record pace and the national broadcast networks losing viewers likewise. They are scaring off viewers. So, their solution is further consolidation, for their customers sake.  BS. It’s all about the continued worship of their chosen religion, $$$$’s, power, and control over public opinion.

So, other than local programming, you can count on the corporate media to slant news that fits their agenda or the agenda of one of the giant corporations whose members sit on their board of directors and visa versa. An interlocking corporate orgy, if you will. Look at this report from Fair.org and you can see how deep the corporate cooperation is.  If you are interested in the current ownership concentration, stateofthemedia.org has a comprehensive list, with links for each.

Now the advocacy group National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) for “corporate media” is requesting the FCC further relax rules on cross-ownership, again. An NAB spokesperson is quoted:

“Simply put, it is untenable to maintain broadcast-only restrictions on the assumption that common ownership of stations could somehow reduce the ability of consumers to access diverse information or harm competition in the information marketplace.”

In this public announcement the NAB states:

Specifically, NAB urged the commission to eliminate the newspaper-broadcast and radio-television cross-ownership rules. The group also called for “substantial reform” of the television duopoly rule, urging the Commission to allow combinations in markets of all sizes. “Same-market combinations improve programming generally and promote the provision of news programming specifically,” NAB said. NAB also expressed its support for the continuing relaxation of local radio restrictions “in light of the increasingly fragmented audio marketplace and the financial challenges facing local stations.”

Well these are the same arguments made before the FCC prior that resulted in non-diverse, corporate-controlled coverage and opinion. So further consolidation would somehow be adventageous for viewers. Continue down this road and you will end up with “media that is to big to fail” and the Federal government stepping up to save the day and taking them over.

People are moving away from the major media as a source for fact because of the corporate control of news content. Media is losing money because people seek truth, not self-serving propaganda.  However, as self-serving as they are, the current state of affairs brings them in lock-step with the current Executive Branch’s philosophy – We can provide a government teat big enough for everyone to suck off of. How about a serving of social, economic, and ecological justice to go with that teat?

If any changes in media ownership are to occur, it should be to break up the monopolies enjoyed by the few major players left in the game. Urge your elected representative to oppose further media consolidation and enact rules to break them up. Maybe we can get back to fiction being reported as fiction and fact as fact.