Looking at a CNN poll in the Nevada Senate race between Harry Reid and Sharron Angle, they report a statistical tie between the two. Nevada is in the tank with the help of Nevada’s beloved Harry Reid. So, you would think Harry would go down in flames. Unfortunately for Nevada, one question in the poll revealed one of the hard cold facts about Nevada voters.

In a state that leads the nation in unemployment (14.3 percent) and record home foreclosure and bankruptcy rates, it’s no surprise that the survey indicates that the economy by (72 percent) far remains the top issue with Nevada voters…Slightly more than half questioned say allowing private businesses to create jobs by decreasing government regulations and taxes is the best way to pump up the economy, with 34 saying that having the government fund new jobs programs, provide more affordable health care and regulate big business and the financial industry from abusing consumers is the best way to go.

So, 34% of poll respondents prefer government creating jobs (with taxpayer money), provide health care (with tax payer money), and regulate big business and the financial industry to protect them from their stupidity (with taxpayer money). Then looking at the favorable responses about Harry Reid in the comments section, you would think Nevada’s unemployment rate is less than 5%, while experiencing appreciating home values.

Well, that’s what happens to a state that serves as a sanctuary for illegal aliens. Sometimes it makes me wonder why they did away with the literacy test for potential voters. The largest Nevada voter turnout in the general elections were in 2008 and the majority voted for socialism.

After looking at the reader responses, I did manage to find a few voters with some intelligence. Other than that, Nevadans still seems to prefer total government control of everything. Sharron Angle may have a few peculiar views, but I would vote for a yard gnome before I’d vote for a destroyer of America, like Harry Reid.

Here are a couple of intelligent reader responses to the CNN article:

1) I have lived in Las Vegas all of my life and I can tell you one thing that is for sure. Harry Reid is finished. Nevada has the highest foreclosure rate in the nation, the highest unemployment rate in the nation, one of the highest violent crime rates in the nation, one of the highest illegal alien population in the nation, one of the lowest average salaries in the nation. Harry Reid has been in office a long time and these are the things he has accomplished for the people of Nevada.

2)It’s hard to believe that Reid is even in this discussion. He has been a driving force in destroying the Nevada and US financial system. He has spouted (unintentionally) several racist comments and he helped strong arm and bribe senators to get the votes needed to pass the unsustainable ‘healthcare’ bill.

3)someone get rid of this old crow, put him out to pasture, he has already helped in the destruction of America and the dreams we all had, take his money, convict him of being a traitor to the constitution and strip him of his dignity and make him live on the street corner and beg as what is happening to a lot of families in America, all the Dems and crooked repubs need to be whipped with horse leathers and stripped of their dignity and possessions and sent packing to the back of the line. Politicians are nothing but crooks and should be treated as garbage.

4)You cannot allow this incompetent, unqualified, radical, who has no idea what our country needs or wants or operates have a position of leadership.