Harry never misses an opportunity to cripple the foundation of America. So the timing of this ad is perfect as Reid attempts to attach the illegal alien-friendly “Dream Act” to the upcoming Defense Appropriations Bill. If Sharron Angle has no chance of unseating Reid (as he’s expressed often), why is he loading the defense bill with un-related immigration issues. Because Harry knows his traitorous activity against America has helped make his state an armpit of America and he, apparently, really likes it.

He also knows without the support of all Nevada Hispanic voters, he’s history. Considering the large population of Hispanic voters in Nevada and the illegal aliens they support, Harry will promise anything to mobilize America-hating voters.

The Dream Act, among other things, will allow public universities to provide in-state tuition rates for illegals. It also allows amnesty for illegals under the age of 35, who claim they have been in the U.S. illegally before their 16th birthday. Of course, it’s all a political ploy knowing the Republicans will reject a defense bill loaded with unrelated provisions, especially related to amnesty for illegal aliens. Then the Democrats will claim that Republicans are “soldier-haters” and “children-haters”.

This show is getting old as the insiders attempt to retain their power. Harry and his cronies need the boot. Please do your part at the polls this election season and flush these political sewer rats down the toilet.