What do expect from a woman whose entrance into Alaska politics was ushered in as a gift from her father, who vacated the seat after winning the gubernatorial race. That went over so well that a law was passed to disallow such future actions.

Lisa Murkowski feels that people really didn’t understand what they were doing at the voting booth, so maybe she can introduce some legislation that would better educate the public on the virtues of Rhinos and Progressives. Until then, she wants to have a do-over. Murkowski feels that this seat is hers, so if she, as a Rhino can’t win it, then no Republican should – no room for conservatives here. What a shame it would be that if every time the GOP throws support behind a Rhino, The Tea Party patriots just write-in another candidate(non-GOP) on election day.

As reported by MSNBC,

Murkowski told supporters at a late afternoon rally in Anchorage that she’s worried about Republican nominee Joe Miller’s extremist views, as well as the Democratic candidate’s inexperience.

So conservatism is extremism in her view. Relative to Progressivism and Socialism, I guess so. I also noticed she didn’t comment on the Democratic nominee’s liberal and/or progressive views.

“This is Alaska, where we come together, and we embrace one another for who we are, not because we may share the same political label, but because of who we are and what we contribute to our state,” she said. “This is what makes Alaska great, not our political labels.”

Now that’s convenient for Murkowski. It’s not about labels and political parties. Bull! She’s never backed away from identity politics before, why now. Because she’s a political insider that feels like someone took her private property away.

Murkowski is your typical progressive Republican that’s very pro-choice. In fact, she’s a member of the Republican Majority For Choice, Republicans For Choice, and The Wish List  (a group of pro-choice women Republicans).

Here is a sample of her voting record:

12/13/2007    Income Limit for Subsidies to Farmers N
12/11/2007    Government Sponsored Farm Insurance Policies Y
05/25/2006    Immigration Reform Bill  S 2611    Y
02/03/2009    Hollywood Productions Tax Credit S Amdt 109    Y
09/14/2010    Business Transaction Reporting Requirement Amendments S Amdt 4595    NV
09/14/2010    Repealing Business Transaction Reporting Requirements S Amdt 4596    NV
06/09/2010    Requiring Reports on Foreign Holdings of U.S. Debt S Amdt 4302    N
03/17/2010    Employment, Infrastructure, and Transportation Appropriations and Tax Credits (“Senate Jobs Bill”) HR 2847    Y
05/19/2010    Allowing States to Limit Credit Card Interest Rates S Amdt 3746    N
07/27/2010    Campaign Finance Disclosure Requirements S 3628    N
07/09/2008    Striking Telecom Immunity from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Bill S Amdt 5064    N
09/20/2007    Expressing Support for All Men and Women in the U.S. Armed Forces S Amdt 2947    N
03/13/2008    Earmark Moratorium S Amdt 4347    N
03/02/2006    PATRIOT Act Reauthorization HR 3199    Y
03/19/2009    Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009 HR 146    Y
06/06/2008    Carbon Emissions Cap and Trade Plan S Amdt 4825    NV
01/28/2010    Ben S. Bernanke, Federal Reserve Chairman PN 959-111    Y
02/12/2008    FISA Amendments Act of 2007 S 2248    Y
02/04/2009    Removing the Buy American Clause S Amdt 279    Y
10/01/2008    Amtrak Reauthorization HR 2095    Y

We need these Congress Creatures, people like Murkowski, Spector, McCain, Graham, etc.. to start their own progressive political party and leave us conservatives alone.