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I knew the costs of Illegal aliens in the U.S. was high, but the numbers are nightmarish, at best, and it will be impossible to afford. The website, has compiled some very relevant numbers on the costs and has provided all the documentation to back up that data.

Read it and weep, but please pass it along. The answer is not Grahamnesty.

  • Illegals in the U.S. = 23,011,172
  • Money Wired To Mexico Since 2006 = $38,553,000,000
  • Money Wired to Latin America Since 2001 = $324,472,000,000
  • Cost of Social Services Since 1996 = $397,473,000,000
  • Children of Illegals in Public Schools = 5,170,732
  • Cost of Illegals in K-12 Since 1996 = $178,024,000,000
  • Illegal Aliens Incarcerated = 431,753
  • Cost of Incarcerations Since 2008 = $28,478,000,000
  • Illegal Alien Fugitives = 752,975
  • Anchor Babies Since 2002 = 5,085,914
  • Skilled Jobs Provided to Illegal Aliens = 11,800,933

All the hatred aimed at the Tea Party Groups seems only to placate those who subscribe to the new philosophy that American’s are stupid and up is now down.

King George Bush II led one of the worst big-spending, government expanding administration in my lifetime.

  • Nearly every Tea Party Patriot I know has similar feelings.

I welcome any U.S. President, whatever his color may be, to lead this country.

  • I know of no Tea Party Patriot who has any problem with a black president (Sorry for the black American comment, but I just met a white African American and he told me African-American are white too). I welcome a black, brown, white, or yellow President, as long as the Constitution of U.S. is his political light and not merely legal precedence.

I have never heard any racial slurs or seen racial epitaphs displayed at any  Tea Party Patriot events I have been to, except for the progressive plants infiltrating the events.

  • I, like every other Tea Party Patriot I know or have met, would absolutely call out and condemn any acts of racial hatred if they were to occur.

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