All the hatred aimed at the Tea Party Groups seems only to placate those who subscribe to the new philosophy that American’s are stupid and up is now down.

King George Bush II led one of the worst big-spending, government expanding administration in my lifetime.

  • Nearly every Tea Party Patriot I know has similar feelings.

I welcome any U.S. President, whatever his color may be, to lead this country.

  • I know of no Tea Party Patriot who has any problem with a black president (Sorry for the black American comment, but I just met a white African American and he told me African-American are white too). I welcome a black, brown, white, or yellow President, as long as the Constitution of U.S. is his political light and not merely legal precedence.

I have never heard any racial slurs or seen racial epitaphs displayed at any  Tea Party Patriot events I have been to, except for the progressive plants infiltrating the events.

  • I, like every other Tea Party Patriot I know or have met, would absolutely call out and condemn any acts of racial hatred if they were to occur.

Constitutionally-minded people like myself, while objecting to Bush policy as being off track, knew that bad governance would be replaced by a disgruntled electorate.

  • We protested now because all tax-payer funded programs are run like steroid-induced “roid rages”.
  • We protest now as much as we would against anyone who seeks to turn our Constitutionally-formed Democratic Republic into another European socialist state, with Union leaders and members occupying most public sector jobs and demanding free everything for everyone.

I, like all other Tea Party Patriots I know or have met, despise the corporatist-oriented Democrat and Republican institutions and do not support Corporate America.

  • Most of the Democrats and Republicans Congresspeople in office are “corporate whores”.
  • All Tea Party Patriots I know or have met do resent having Tea Party events and efforts partly financed by the likes of Dick Armey’s army and the Koch brothers. However, while it’s not desired, it was highly likely our voices would have been drowned out by heavily-financed Union groups, who do seek to initiate socialism in all aspects of American life. Money to unions came in the form of job’s bills and stimulus packages by the current administration. I say, “touché”!

So the Obama administration will now concentrate on driving sentiment of voters by confronting the Tea Party Patriots with the most divisive, political wedge issues in order to create some “got-cha moments”. Well, forget that. This Tea Party Patriot has a list of considerations for reducing the size and expenditures of the Federal Government, at the same time reducing our government debt. The problem you will have is asking government bureaucrats to cut the waste and debt that they have gotten fat and power-hungry off of. So, it’s the people who have to come up with the answer. The answer is not more government. Here’s my list -for starters:

  • Cutting government salaries by 5-6%
  • Top salary for public servants does not exceed $100,000, including the President and Congress
  • Armed Force personnel on U.S bases overseas, reduced by 30-50% and move troops to secure US borders
  • Reduce all benefits for Federal public servants, including reduction of paid days off, furlough requirements, larger employee contribution for health care benefits
  • Close D.C. Congressional offices and require Congresspeople to spend the majority of their time in their Congressional districts. Disallow expenditures for commuting back and forth from the home state to D.C.
  • Greatly reduce our funding to the U.N.
  • Wind down the endless wars in the middle east. Demand the UN or NATO to head up efforts with the US as a participant
  • Greatly reduce or eliminate non-emergency foreign aid
  • Eliminate all income tax and develop a consumption-based taxation system
  • Eliminate all Corporate subsidies for Domestic and Foreign-owned companies
  • Repeal the Bayh/Dole act and allow the US taxpayer to collect royalties for technology developed with taxpayer money
  • Mandate that all Corporate donations to Congressional members have to prominently displayed on a web page specifically for that purpose. The same applies to all lobbying activity, including lobbyist’s funding, financial contributions, as well as contribution made by them in writing legislation
  • Impose tariffs and taxes on American corporations importing goods back into the US from their operations in low wage countries
  • Ban all revolving door relationships between the Federal Gov’t. and Corporations
  • Develop unpaid, elected citizen representatives to evaluate all government programs to reduce redundancy, eliminate un-needed programs, and consolidate agencies and dept’s.
  • Study and find a way for the government to guarantee low-interest returns (2-3%) on monies for programs that allow working Americans to create their own tax-free social security trust funds
  • Enforce US immigration laws to penalized and close businesses that break immigration laws
  • Prohibit any Federal funding and subsidies for the sports, news, and entertainment industries
  • Repeal the outlawing of industrial hemp
  • Banning all union and/or collected bargaining agreements for all government public servants
  • Mandatory term limits for all Congresspeople
  • Required visitors log for all Congresspeople and agency dept. heads weekly on the Internet
  • Reduce the abusive practice of the President to invoke Executive orders in a means to bypass the U.S. citizens will
  • Revisit the U.S. Supreme Court decision that Corporations have the same rights as U.S. citizens
  • End the banking fractional reserve practice
  • A non-watered down audit of the Federal Reserve Bank, including all ownership issues
  • End the collusion of news media, corporations, think tanks, government employees, and influential wealthy individuals from influencing governmental policy by eliminating the Council on Foreign Relations