I support the free market creating jobs. I especially support ending the Federal Governments’ failed attempt to permanently increase employment in the U.S. Why? Because the Federal Government hinders free-market development through taxation and regulation by transferring wealth from one part of society to those unable and unwilling to provide for themselves. However, as the case in any government-funded initiative, it still depends on taxpayer funds, and when those run out(the supposed permanent benefits the government promises), the gig is up.

The wonderful TANF(Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), originally the ADC from the AFDC instituted under the New Deal, was re branded and renamed during the Clinton administration in 1996. It was eventually incorporated in the Stimulus package in response to the economic disaster starting in 2007. At that point it was used to provide block grants to States(welfare for State governments) to help individuals get off of welfare and bolster employment numbers. Each state then designed their own programs accordingly. The White House and Democrats had requested up to $2.5 billion to keep it afloat for another year.

The great claim made by progressive politicians and pundits is that it created employment for up to 250,000. Had that program’s design truly worked you wouldn’t hear the rhetoric coming from supporters criticizing those politicians who blocked it’s extension. As reported by the Washington Independent,

At midnight on Sept. 30, the TANF Emergency Contingency Fund (TEF) — considered one of the most successful stimulus programs, having created 250,000 jobs for previously unemployed workers — expires. The Obama administration and Democrats had requested $1.5 to $2.5 billion to keep it going for another year. The House has passed two extenders, but yesterday, legislation failed again in the Senate. That means employers are now faced with laying off the TEF workers, as many as 100,000, into an economy that already has 14.9 million unemployed.

They also quote White House Larry Summers (another ship-jumping rat) about the program ending and it’s very telling.

“Without federal funding, most states and localities won’t be able to continue to provide support for these jobs,” Larry Summers, the director of the White House’s National Economic Council, said in a statement today. “Governors from both parties have called for the extension of the program and some will try to keep it going for a couple of months with state funds, buying Congress time to act. But the reality is that many states will be unable to fill the gap, and those that can, only temporarily. A commitment to extending this program will give more governors the confidence not to end it now and could save up to 100,000 jobs.”

In other words: since the free-market is unwilling to create jobs due to Federal Government’s interference, confiscated taxpayer money will provide for the unemployed. Since the program will end, we will have to claim this is causing unemployment for 100,000 people.

For propagandized information on TANF, see opinions of Center for American Progress

For the HHS description

If your the state of Massachusetts, you can create a law to redirect that money for health care to illegals related issues:

If these TANF funds arrive from the federal government, I am willing to consider using these funds for some nursing facility rate increase, but I also wish them to be available for other important purposes, especially including paying for further extension of the Commonwealth Care Bridge program to pay health costs for the Aliens with Special Status population.

To learn more about the re-branding of illegal aliens as “Aliens with Special Status”, go here.

Now TANF funds  are used for the purpose of allowing illegal aliens access to Massachusetts” “Romneycare”.

So, while I would hope this purported welfare-to-work program turned into block grants for employment will not be extended, I would guess this will be stuffed/hidden in lame duck legislation that will be introduced after the mid-term elections. So, American taxpayer money can be diverted to states to disburse as they please, and yes, provide support for illegal aliens.

Please contact your Congressman and urge them to vote against this government fiscal abuse.