A typical Progressive’s agenda – if someone disagrees with us, then let’s lie about them because the American people are too stupid to know the difference. This unstable, Tony Hopfinger blogger, is reported by numerous Liberal/Progressive as Editor-in-chief of the Alaska Dispatch. It’s a blog site for crying out loud. Ok, the editor-in-chief of his basement is more like it. By admission, this clown was restrained by private security guards at a Joe Miller townhall meeting, after he assaulted one of the guards. The only information I could find, initially, was from numerous Progressive hater sites claiming Joe Miller had an editor-in-chief  of the Alaska Dispatch arrested for asking him a question on public grounds. This pervert followed Miller in the bathroom trying to ask him questions. Too bad the Progressive idiots reporting this yesterday didn’t watch the story from a local Alaska TV station, where Mr. Hopfinger admitted pushing a security guards after the guards got in his personal space.

Joe took the opportunity to clear these lies up on both CNN and Fox News. Lastly, you find Mr. Hopfinger’s video confession. Enjoy.

CNN Interview with Joe Miller

Fox Coverage and Joe Miller Interview

KTUU Local Alaska Coverage