I read that Joe Miller’s opponents have come out and publicly criticized him after the incident at his constituent’s town hall meeting this week.

The hill.com report titled: Murkowski, McAdams both blast Miller for reporter’s detainment:

Incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Democrat Scott McAdams blasted GOP opponent Joe Miller for betraying constitutional principles on Sunday after his security guards detained a reporter who tried to ask him a question following a town-hall event.

“We call on [Miller] to immediately disavow the actions of his private security guards for violating the constitutional rights of a United States citizen by illegally detaining him,” Murkowski said in a statement. “I find it alarming that Joe feels he needs to hire security forces to protect him from Alaskan voters and members of the press.

However, in the same story they report:

The Anchorage police also noted to reporters that security guards are permitted by law to make “private person arrests.”

Too bad Miller’s opponents don’t care about the facts!