In case you missed it this week, National Propaganda Radio (NPR) provided a nice forum for Jack Conway to continue to bash Rand Paul over a college prank. They apparently have no problem trying to retain power in Congress for their Democrat political party. Here’s a copy of the interview in MP3 format.

NPR and Jack Conway Team Up To Defeat Rand Paul

Since NPR is supposedly unbiased with listener support from all political parties, I looked to see the comments left at NPR regarding this interview and found what I expected – a hard left political slant.  I pulled the first few comment for your reading pleasure.

This man has dangerous racist ideas, much like the McCarthy times in his assumption he can change America back to it’s sad past. I thought we had grown up since then, but the tea party movement has brought out racism and hatred that I didn’t know still existed in America.

Yeah, O’Donnell was dumb to say “I am not a witch”, which brings up Nixon’s “I am not a crook” remark.

Behavior in college is fair game in an election, especially if it can be tied to your current views

I appreciate that (maybe) the tea-heads wanted things to be done a new way, but seriously, to run and expect that these tactics wouldn’t be used?

When the Republican party portrays itself as the party that any decent Christian ought to vote for, then it’s fair game to point out how un-Christian the policies of the Republican party are.

Yes, call out(Ayn)Rand Paul for what he is, and who he was named after. He was named after Ayn Rand, a Russian immigrant who came to this country and brain washed millions of readers with her RED philosophy.

Rand Paul is a total hypocrite and should be called out on it

Maybe the federal government only provides a small portion of NPR funding, it needs to find another financial cow to suck from. Stop this portion of its funding.

NRP is also funded by Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). CPR is described as follows:

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) is a private, not-for-profit corporation created by the federal government that receives appropriations from Congress to help fund programming for more than 1,000 locally-owned public TV and radio stations. CPB-funded programs are distributed by the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), National Public Radio (NPR), and Public Radio International (PRI).

The federal government needs to end this funding as well.

How about NPR’s other funding sources, including private endowments, individual listeners, and corporate sponsors. All tax exemptions for all contributions should be eliminated. My tax dollars should not fund a liberal/progressive bias that seems to continue to spew it’s slanted propaganda at the expense of those who are not liberal/progressive.

There are many examples of questionable NPR sponsorships. A most notable one was the government-corporate sponsor Ally Bank.

Ally Bank is a rebranded General Motors Acceptance Corp–a financial company that received a $12.5 billion federal bailout. Planet money is a show that investigates financial themes and stories, which has raised questions among NPR listeners about whether the bank is an appropriate sponsor for the show.

Lastly, apparently if you say the right things at NPR that pleases the Obama administration, you are rewarded. An NPR journalist, Nina Totenberg made a comment regarding Jesse Helms: if there was “retributive justice,” former Sen. Jesse Helms would “get AIDS from a transfusion, or one of his grandchildren will get it.” President Obama rewarded Totenberg’s sister, Nina Totenberg to the U.S. District Court in Atlanta. By the way, I was no fan of Jesse Helms.

NPR is no different than all of the other Progressive media and has become the propaganda arm for Obama. Yes, that includes ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, Bloomberg, Washington Post, NY Times, Chicago Tribune, San Fransico Chronicle, Time, Newsweek, Bloomberg/Newsweek, Rolling Stone, and the list keeps going and going… Ever wonder why these American-hating propaganda mediums are losing readership and viewers?

Americans are getting tired of being called racists and haters when we are trying to unite under the banner of Americanism. Take your liberal-progressive-communist BS to Venezuela, Cuba, or France where they love you and the progressive hate you spew. Boycott these American traitors.