At some point, freedom-loving Americans have to initiate an investigation of Socialist/Marxist billionaire George Soro as he continues to interfere in U.S. affairs and uses his fortune to unduly influence American politics and pushes his America/freedom-hating agenda. This guy has worn out his welcome here and needs to return to Hugary or some other European socialist-loving country. No George, we don’t want any of the funk you’re selling.

From Bloomberg:

The panel, which includes billionaire George Soros and Larry Summers…estimated that selling carbon emissions permits could generate $38 billion and a financial transactions tax an additional $27 billion

The panel assumed a carbon price of as much as $25 a ton on emissions…An additional $5 billion could be gained from a tax on carbon offsets in the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism…An additional $12 billion would come from a levy on shipping and aviation…levies on transportation need to be structured so as not to harm developing nations…direct contributions from government budgets…while being politically “challenging.”…a “wires charge” on electricity generation…the removal of fossil fuel-subsidies…and a carbon tax, which would garner $10 billion.

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