It’s bad enough to have to listen to bunch of elitist hacks at the Budget Deficit Commission about making recommendations to help the financial floundering of the Federal Government, but then other think-tank, philanthropist, Neo-Con, world government elitist groups expect their voice to be heard also.

One such group, the Bipartisan Policy Center, has developed their own ideas they hope can be incorporated into the Budget Commission’s recommendations. Here’s their latest and greatest way to help reduce our Federal Government’s financial problems:

Bipartisan Policy Center Task Force Unveils Bold, Comprehensive Plan To Solve Debt Crisis, Create Jobs

Specifically, the plan would rein in federal health care spending by reforming Medicare and Medicaid; ensure that Social Security can pay benefits for the next 75 years; find savings in other entitlement programs; freeze both defense and non-defense discretionary spending for several years; establish a 6.5 percent Debt Reduction Sales Tax; and enforce all of these savings through strict budget rules.

This group and their relevance on America’s federal governmental should be altogether dismissed. Why? First of all, this group is headed by a bunch of wealthy elitists who will never feel the pain of their recommendations. America is being destroyed by the past and present actions of these people. The founders of this group alone should make a freedom-loving American cringe.

They are: Former Neo-Cons and Progressives: Senator Bob Dole, Senator George Mitchell, Senator Howard Baker, Senator Tom Daschle.

A bunch of enriched former Neo-con and Progressive Senators whose policies help put America where it is. These are old establishment hacks who desire government largess. Of course, they are recommending the size reduction of government programs. All of these hacks massively grew the Federal Government during their reign. They just want to perpetuate the governmental ponzi schemes and add a national sales tax, that will never go away. “Kick the can down the road”, if you will.

To further demonstrate the nature and goals of this group, I picked two Board members of the group to understand the philosophy of the Bipartisan Policy Center and it reinforces the argument that groups like these have a strong desire to kill American sovereignty and have all Americans comply with world law. Here are two of the one-worlder members.

Walter Isaacson – CEO, The Aspen Institute (One World Government proponent).

Here is some good background on the group from the AxXiom for Liberty website.

Hal Harvey – CEO, ClimateWorks Foundation

From their website:

ClimateWorks supports effective climate policies, such as imposing a price on carbon, enacting effective international treaties, and encouraging national emissions reduction targets, that can help shift the global economy away from carbon-intensive practices and toward low-carbon alternatives.

United States: While supporting ongoing efforts to secure a national, economy-wide cap on U.S. carbon emissions, our partners also work at the state level to push for adoption of greenhouse gas limits and to preserve the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate carbon as a pollutant.

These progressive Democrat and Republican wealthy, elitist hacks need to find a better way to spend their time, instead of developing ideas to kill American freedom and sovereignty. How about just move your ass to another country that subscribes to your one-world, UN-loving agenda. Remenber, America has always been the last beacon for hope from freedom-hating, Harvard-inspired ideologues.

Guess what? We plan on keeping America free. Good luck with selling your BS to the “Dancing With The Stars sheeple”, but most of us aren’t buying it.