Now that Democrats are looking at the possibility of becoming the minority party after the 2012 elections, talks have surfaced that the fillibuster is an abused practice that needs overhauling. That’s right, when you start to lose the battle with your own rules, it’s time to change the rules.

From, New GOP Obstruction Threat May Boost Filibuster Reform:

Most Senate Democrats seem to agree that filibusters on procedural motions should be eliminated, but the sticking point is how to accomplish such a change. A two-thirds vote is required to limit debate on a proposed change in Senate rules, but some Members contend that new rules can be adopted at the start of the next Congress by a simple majority, a tactic dubbed the “Constitutional option.” More senior Senators caution that using the technique could set a dangerous precedent for changing Senate procedure.

This has been a hell of a week for a good whine.