Dear Mr. XXXXX,

Thank you for contacting me to express your support for ending taxpayer
funding for the Corporation of Public Broadcasting, the CPB. I
appreciate your thoughts and agree with you on the importance of this

As you may know, The CPB, parent company of NPR and PBS, was originally
incorporated in 1967 to provide additional options for the very limited
programming outlets, and it received approximately $5 million in
subsidies a year. Today taxpayer support exceeds $400 million a year,
despite the fact consumers now have access to hundreds of programming
options through digital over-the-air broadcasts, cable and satellite TV,
and the internet. In light of the exponentially expanding programming
options, the mission of the CPB is no longer relevant.

Additionally, the CPB was begun with the imperative to adhere to
“objectivity and balance in all programs or series of programs of a
controversial nature,” a criteria long broadly in question, particularly
in light of the recent firing of Juan Williams.  In order to prevent
taxpayer dollars from subsidizing enterprises that can stand on their
own, and to end any government involvement in questions of “objectivity
and balance,” I have joined Sen. Tom Coburn in introducing legislation
that will end the CPB’s federal funding in 2012, as soon as their
currently prefunded amounts run out.

With our nation drowning in debt, we need look no further for a good
opportunity to end needless taxpayer subsidies than those given to
public broadcasting, a plan highlighted by the recent recommendations by
President Obama’s deficit commission.

Please rest assured that I keep your thoughts in mind as Congress
continues to discuss issues of fiscal responsibility. It is an honor to
serve you and the state of South Carolina, and please feel free to
contact me in the future with any issues important to you or your


Jim DeMint
United States Senator