In typical fashion, another government program is suspected of being rife with fraud. The Black Farmers USDA discrimination suit that, ultimately offered two separate payouts, is suspected of overpaying claims by up to 40,000 people. USDA employees, victims of the USDA discrimination, and an FBI agent have come forward as witnesses to the alleged fraud and King and Bachmann hope to hold hearings in the new Congress to uncover the facts.

A couple of interesting tidbits regarding this. As noted by Rep. King about approaching USDA employees to testify:

“I asked several of them, would you be willing to testify if called upon,” King told “Some of them like the jobs that they have now. This puts them at significant risk. So there are a couple that said they would cooperate with a congressional investigation, but they would not speak on the record in any other fashion.”

This type of response for those making a living from taxpayer dollars and not willing to take the chance of losing their ride on the taxpayer supported gravy train.

The most obvious case for an investigation is regarding the number of claimants versus the census figures on black farmers during the period of time in question. While I doubt census figures are spot on, I doubt they are as inaccurate as their numbers depict.

the second round of payouts totals $1.25 billion. The money will go to some 94,000 African Americans who farmed or “attempted” to farm between 1981 and 1996. But according to the Census Bureau, the number of black farmers in America between 1981 and 1996 peaked at 33,000 in 1982

So the first payout found too few victims, so the Obamacrats extended the deadline and the number of claimants ballooned to 94,000 with a tab of $1.25 bil. Do you still wonder why our governments are broke? Unfortunately, even though Reps King and Bachmann want to identify the fraud, they will still be called haters.

Gary R. Grant, president of the Black Farmers and Agriculture Association said

Holding investigative hearings would “make the victim the enemy…and Bachmann and King “should be ashamed” for demanding an investigation.

This is the typical attitude of the Obamacrat goon squad and their minions.

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