Reported by the AP on Yahoo news: BofA settlement with Fannie, Freddie “clears air”

Two Questions on this story: 1. Why does our government refuse to prosecute the massive fraud committed against the American people and our governments by the banking, finance, and investment industries? 2. Is the settlement money really just another tax imposed on Americans, seeing that the government allows the fraud to occur against the American people then only requires the criminals to pay some paltry sum of money that the defrauded citizen never sees.


Reported by Bloomberg, Obama may name William Daley to top job

Three questions on this story: 1. Why are the liberals and progressives not up-in-arms about Obama continuing to get in bed with the “Wall Street Bankers” that they so often demonize? 2. Are you kidding me? Former Chicago Mayor Rich Daley’s brother, who is another Clintonite, Chicago-connected, Wall Street insider? 3. Have you not figured out the game of American politics is rigged?

Our government is owned and controlled by the Federal Reserve and monied interests. It’s time to shed some sunshine on this perpetual fraud committed by this pack of black-backed jackals. If you didn’t know, these creatures take down large victims (government) by hunting in large groups, but also tend to prey on the weak, vulnerable and defenseless (American citizen).