Illegal Immigration News Round-up

Maryland Sanctuary County Sued Over In-state College Tuition for Illegals

Mississippi Introduces Arizona-Style Immigration Bill

Oklahoma Forms Panels To Find Ways To Keep Taxpayers From Funding Illegal Immigrants

Montana Moves To Stop Illegals from Receiving Workman’s Comp Benefits

Nebraska Introduces Arizona-Style Immigration Legislation and Bill To Repeal In-State Tuition for Illegals

Homeland Insecurity

Arizona Seize 5,000 lbs. of Pot From Illegal Aliens

Anchor Babies Cost Los Angeles Welfare $600 Million Last Year

Colorado Seeks to Ban In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens

Arizona Human Rights Extremist Call for Moratorium on Illegal Immigration Efforts

Illegal immigrants a scourge on nation

Virginia Introduces 16 Measures To Deal With Illegals

Jeb Bush Want To Play Nice with Illegal Aliens?

Rhode Island Legislators Seek To Re-Instate E-verify Killed By Gov. Lincoln Chafee