Multi-Deported Drug Smuggling Illegal Alien With Multiple Reckless Driving Citations Who Obtained Licence Illegally Not Charged For Running Over Bicyclist

Colorado Illegal Immigration Supporters Protest for Social Justice

KY Protest Over Bill Making illegal Aliens and People Who House or Transport Them a State Crime

National Lawyers Guild “Hate American” Group Says KY Law Sanction Racial and Cultural Profiling As a Remedy to Illegal Immigration

New Game For Iphone “Smuggle Truck” has Some Claiming Insensitivity Towards Illegal Aliens

Democrat Legislators Switch To Republican Party and Decry Harsh Illegal Immigration Laws Are Against Some Core GOP Principles

SD Illegal Immigration Supporters Says Lawmaker Proposals Based On Racism For Wanting To Uphold National Sovereignty and U.S. Laws

Arizona Sues US Gov’t. For Not Protecting Arizonans From Illegal Immigrant Invasion

CT Restaurant Owners Sued By Illegal Aliens For Low Wages

UNC Students Protest Tuition Hikes and Proposals To Stop Illegal Aliens From Receiving Discount Tuition

For $15,000, Non-American Pregnant Chinese Women Get To Realize Their American Dream At A Fair and Reasonable Price

CT Doctor Says Illegal Immigrant Measures in US Reminiscent of His Family Growing up in Nazi-occupied Holland

David Shirk of The University of San Diego Says More Illegal Immigration Efforts Should Focus On Reducing Drug Consumption In The U.S.

Feds in NJ Arrest 28 Illegal Aliens Previously Deported From US For Earlier Committed Crimes

Alabama Lawmaker’s Remarks Twisted By Progressive Lawmakers As Promoting The Shooting Illegal Immigrants

Social Security Denies ID Theft Victim New Number Saying No Harm Done By Illegal Aliens Using His SS#

U.S. Congressional Democrats Don’t Support Workplace Crackdown Initiatives Without Amnesty Provisions

Montana Governor Will Veto All Anti-Immigration Bills Because Republicans Don’t have Veto-Proof Majority

Suit Against Arizona Rancher By Illegal Aliens Upheld For Supposed Civil Rights Violation