Fresh from the battles in deciding winners on “Dancing With The Stars”, the American public can’t seem to remember the long forgotten past of 2010 and the Congressional budget passed for FY 2011. Oops! There was no FY 2011 budget passed in 2010. Those damned Republicans. Oops! That’s right, the Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress in 2010. However, the Democrats refuse to own it, and somehow it’s now the Tea Party’s fault.

I believe any attempt to de-fund Democrat pet projects at this juncture is foolhardy, considering FY2011 is half over. This only provides the rabid, progressive Democrats further opportunities to deflect attention from their irresponsible leadership. I contend that the Republicans need to drop the riders from their proposals, concentrate on the FY 2012 budget, and make the Democrats own this mess they intentionally created. Since the media and most of the voting public are ignoring the facts, here are some reminders of the FY 2011 budget the Democrat majority refused to pass.

April 13, 2010

Passing On Budget Will Help Re-election Chances For Democrats

The Democratic-controlled U.S. Congress could forego trying to approve a budget blueprint this year, a move that could avert a divisive spending battle…and …many Democrats could be reluctant to sign off on a budget plan that would acknowledge the country’s dire fiscal situation…Steny Hoyer said in a news conference, “It’s difficult to pass budgets in election years,”

May 22, 2010

Showing Voters The Red-ink Has Democrats Not Desiring To Pass 2011 Budget

Facing the uncomfortable reality that the federal government’s 2011 budget shows record levels of red ink, congressional Democrats may resolve the politically thorny situation by simply refusing to pass a budget resolution this election year…With voters in no mood to hear about Washington’s $1.3-trillion deficit, some moderate and conservative Democrats say they would rather sit this one out

June 6, 2010

Analysis: Election fears, deficit stymie Democrats

Congressional Democrats returning this week to the Washington they control will confront an embarrassing pile of unfinished budget business after spending the winter and spring blowing deadline after deadline.

June 22, 2010

Top Dem says Congress shouldn’t pass budget

Congress will not produce a budget this year, House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer said Tuesday…there’s no point to passing a budget, which sets out both binding one-year targets and a multiyear plan…Congress will not pass a budget resolution this year because the issue of the soaring national debt

September 30, 2010

Congress OKs stop-gap spending, ready to go home

Congress has passed a measure to fund the federal government another two months…The move marks Congress’ second major accomplishment since returning from summer break in September.