The Establishment Keynesians, the D.C Intelligentsia statists, and Marxists-owned Mainstream Media are up in arms about Rick Perry’s comments on “The Benanke” and The Federal Reserve bank. Well, seeing that the aforementioned groups are the ones responsible for America economic woes and dire financial straits, the comment has merit.

Who suffers/loses from the Federal Reserve Banks QE actions:

  • American citizens through price inflation of goods and services
  • American citizens not provided interest on their savings
  • American small businesses utilizing debt to finance operations not given adequate access to low interest loans afforded to the Federal Reserve member banks
  • Americans indebtedness to the Federal Reserve Bank for the spread they make on buying up U.S. Treasuries with money created from thin air

Who benefits/profits from the Federal Reserve QE actions:

  • The Federal Reserve member banks given minimal interest loans to clean-up their accounting fraud
  • The Federal Reserve member banks given minimal interest loans to buy U.S. treasuries and profit from the interest spread
  • Well-connected American and multinational corporations to clean up their finances and to buy their own stock
  • Other world Central Banks so they clean up their accounting fraud and lend to their member banks to clean up their fraud, at minimal interest, and to buy U.S. Treasuries/other sovereign debt so they can profit from the interest spread

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