The Establishment Keynesians, the D.C Intelligentsia statists, and Marxists-owned Mainstream Media are up in arms about Rick Perry’s comments on “The Benanke” and The Federal Reserve bank. Well, seeing that the aforementioned groups are the ones responsible for America economic woes and dire financial straits, the comment has merit.

Who suffers/loses from the Federal Reserve Banks QE actions:

  • American citizens through price inflation of goods and services
  • American citizens not provided interest on their savings
  • American small businesses utilizing debt to finance operations not given adequate access to low interest loans afforded to the Federal Reserve member banks
  • Americans indebtedness to the Federal Reserve Bank for the spread they make on buying up U.S. Treasuries with money created from thin air

Who benefits/profits from the Federal Reserve QE actions:

  • The Federal Reserve member banks given minimal interest loans to clean-up their accounting fraud
  • The Federal Reserve member banks given minimal interest loans to buy U.S. treasuries and profit from the interest spread
  • Well-connected American and multinational corporations to clean up their finances and to buy their own stock
  • Other world Central Banks so they clean up their accounting fraud and lend to their member banks to clean up their fraud, at minimal interest, and to buy U.S. Treasuries/other sovereign debt so they can profit from the interest spread

Call it what you want when the Federal Reserve Bank undermines the economic stability of America with suicidal monetary policy that benefits the richest of the richest at the expense of the American taxpayer, while inflating the cost of living of every American, but I call it treason.

To hear the establishment go batsh*& crazy over Perry’s remarks is music to my ears. If every citizen knew what was really behind the formation of the Federal Reserve Bank and The Federal Income tax (IRS) in 1913, they would treat these goons as traitors. I found an excellent response to a story defending the Federal Reserve Bank as a great American institution. I couldn’t have provided a better description:

This was all planned out years ago! The people that created this mess by design want the entire world under one single currency that they control and lend out through their banks.

They know that if they control a world money supply they will be above all governments. They want a world wide Federal Reserve complete with Fractional Reserve Banking, but the only way to achieve it is to bring down the current currency systems.

Fractional reserve banking allows banks to leverage money by about 10X what actually exists so they will always be able to lend money at interest and enslave the world. Through Fractional Reserve Banking money will be cheap for them but expensive for everyone else!

They call the new World Currency the Bancor and it is to be setup after the SDR which has already been done. If you allow them to get away with this every man woman and child on planet earth will be slaves. It doesn’t mater if you are rich or poor. You will all be enslaved.

Federal Reserve/World Bank/IMF and others have detailed plans on how they will roll out this Bancor, as I said before this is totally planned and it will happen. You will see the Euro Crash First and then the US Dollar and then they will give you a new solution Bancor. Don’t fall for this trap, just have each country issue their own money directly by the government and put a ban on fractional reserve banking and you will never have to worry about total money domination ever again. As long as the government (not banks) controls the supply of the money there will not be inflation or deflation, nor will their be leveraging which is what caused these crashes!


The problem with money is it is not made for and by the People through an honest government.

It is created for and by the Banks through fractional reserve banking.

When you return money creation powers to the people through an open and honest government and eliminate fractional reserve banking (cheap money for banks) working people will once again be in control of the money and they will begin to own things instead of banks owning everything. Right now the government is just a middle man for the bankers.

The Trillions of dollars of national Debt are all derived from Fractional Reserve Banking. The truth is 100 years ago there was no such thing as trillions of dollars! The banks created this and lent it out at interest to governments either directly or indirectly! They got the world governments owned through fraud. By setting up a single currency they will dominate the world forever and continue the fraud! Convert to a single currency they will be able to dominate the world forever!

The National debt = the Money Supply!

This may seem odd to you but that is exactly how it works now. If you were to pay down the debt you would eliminated the money supply. For every Dollar created a dollar of DEBT (at interest) is created payable to the World Banking System (FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING)

How did trillions of Dollars come into existence? Fractional Reserve Banking! The banks created it out of thin air and collected interest on it. Now there is trillions of dollars all leveraged off into infinity!

Fractional Reserve Banking is FRAUD! Because you accepted it you now are slaves to it. Phase it out by simply requiring 100% Reserves and if banks can’t meet that requirement make them borrow money directly from the government at interest. This will flip the system on its head and make banks the slaves to government and the interest will then be used to reduce taxes and reduce the control banks have over governments.


So here are Rick Perry’s words that have the Progressive Neo-cons’, pro-Keynesian establishment statists’, and traitorous Mainstream Media’s panties in a wad.


Here’s a video of Ron Paul’s take on Rick Perry’s comment on the Federal Reserve Bank

In case you forgot, Ron Paul introduced legislation to immediately alleviate the American taxpayer from $1.7 trillion of debt that neither they nor their elected Congressional representatives authorized.

Apparently, the text of this introduced legislation has yet to be posted. Hmmm! I shocked.

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