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This is an excellent resource for obtaining information of the salaries of many Federal Government employees, as of 2010. While I’ve seen various internet stories about this resource, I was amazed at the number of people not familiar with it. Unfortunately, if you are a small-government advocate, you may find yourself a little steamed when you see the size of these bureaucratic departments/agencies and many of the salaries within them.

Did you know:

The Federal Communication Commission

+/-1800 employees

Current Annual Budget = $354 Million

(550+) Titled Lawyers @ $125,000/yr+

(57+) Titled Economist @ $130,000/yr+



Ashbury Park Press Federal Government Employee Salary Look-up

You know, the agency who has deemed pharmaceutical drug commercial advertising on TV a benefit to society, the agency who allows broadcasters to eat up 1/3 of your TV viewing time with commercials, while paying a subscription for the TV service, which was initially in lieu of having to sit through and watch commercials, the agency who deems a faceless T&A shot as fleeting nudity acceptable for all ages, the agency that allows broadcasters to implant 1/4 of your TV screen with ongoing promotions while you try to watch TV, an agency which has deemed that the consolidation and control of the airwaves (TV and radio) by a small number of corporations to be a great benefit to the American public, etc… So, you wonder why this agency seems to serve the interests of a small number of corporations over the American public? Because it does and you the taxpayer don’t count!

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You would expect President Obama to continue loading his administration with big-government-loving Keynesian debt financing advocates. The newest addition, Alan Krueger, is no exception. A read through some of his work reveals what we already expected. More importantly, for whomever is actually pulling Obama’s puppet strings and running America into the ground, he’s another Bill Clinton administration retread.

We have already read that Krueger supports a VAT tax for Americans here in A Future Consumption Tax to Fix Today’s Economy on top of our current income tax. So what else does this Keynesian clown support.

1) He contends that the “banker bailout” TARP was very successful. Yes it was when you define success as the banking industry’s ability to extort taxpayer dollars to support their fraudulent activity and incentivise them to continue this activity knowing that the “too big to fail” propaganda was successfully hoisted on the backs of sheep-like ignorant Americans. Here’s the video of Krueger’s praise.


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