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Tea Party Nation, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.), and Socialists All Oppose E-verify

Sanctuary MD County Delays Start Of Illegal Immigration Deportation Program

Obama DHS Task Group Criticizes Congressional Action On Illegal Immigration Enforcement

Mass Governor Deval Patrick, Who Rejected The Secured Communities Program, Now Needs Feds Help With llegal Immigration

U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta To Co-sponsor HALT Act Bill Preventing The Granting of Certain Rights To Illegal Immigrants

Bachmann Courts AZ’s Tough Anti-immigrant Sheriff, Arpaio

AZ Supreme Courts Sides With Pro Illegal Immigration Groups To OK Recall Election Of Tough AZ Immigration Bill Author

NM State Judge’s Actions Still Block Attempts Of NM Governor To Disallow Driver Licences To Illegals

WH Official Equates Illegal Aliens With Jaywalkers

Obama’s Illegal Immigration Amnesty and The Death of A Nation

31 Illegal Immigrants Caught in Major Bust

U.S. Border Patrol Bows To Pressure From Protesters To Release Illegal Immigrants

Illegal Aliens Rally In Support Of CA Dream Act

Illegal Immigrants Arrested at Pro-illegal Immigration Rally in Charlotte Will Not Be Turned Over For Deportation

Pro-Illegal Alien Groups’ National Day of Protest Against Mandatory E-Verify Announced

Students Protest Ga. University System Immigration Policy

Catholic Groups Protest NM Governor’s Illegal Immigration Crackdown

Mr. Gutierrez (D-Ill.) confirms what most American probably know by now. Congress is irrelevant. So I ask of you Mr. Irrelevant Congressman, why are still occupying “The People’s House” when you seem quite satisfied to allow the “Usurper in Chief”, Obama, to relegate the people’s voice to the trash bin. Here is the Video link from CNS News thanking Obama. However, Mr. Gutierrez has many other Congressional colleagues who share his desire to be usurped.

To what respect is Mr. Wolffe referring. A well established, nationally publicized GOP political debate is supposed bow to a pathetically well misplayed political ploy in an attempt to cast the opposing party as obstructionists. Then this clown Wolffe claims that the GOP won’t capitulate to Obama due to him being a black man.

Only a racist mind could up with a statement like this. These race baiters have overplayed their deck of race cards.