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While I watched, in amusement, the “useful idiots” at the OWS extremism events, mixed feelings are conjured up as the few valid complaints made by opponents of crony capitalism are drowned out by the many supporters advocating the gradual transformation of America into a Socialist state and then into a Communist one.

Why would you not know the crux of the OWS demands are that capitalism and our private free enterprise become outlawed in order for it to be run by the state, e.g. government. Yes, the same governments that currently find themselves unable to responsibly operate anything due to the multiple layers of inefficient bureaucrats put in place by Communist/Socialist controlled public-sector unions. In other words, by the perpetually fraudulent, corrupt, and ever expanding unelected political class.

I absolutely support ending crony capitalism, the revolving door politics dominated by lobbyist and former elected and unelected government officials, the economically stifling Federal Reserve Banking system, and the oppressive U.S. tax code. I also support campaign finance reform and changing the status of corporate person hood (corporations are not people). These are lofty and righteous goals that every American-loving U.S. citizen should support. There is a myriad of other problems that America must tackle, but this war begins with ending the corruption and abuse enjoyed by the incestuous marriage between the corporate world and  the political class. The relationship established to circumvent the voice and will of Americans.

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Remember when the Tea Party movement, made up of regular fiscally responsible taxpayers, fed up with taxation used to continue the Federal Government largess and incensed over TARP bank bailouts, decided to protest against fiscally irresponsible government management of our country. It was bad enough that we were demonized as racists and haters by the establishment Republicans and Democrats, and the Progressive/Socialist major media outlets. Then when the Republican Establishment couldn’t dissuade the movement from continuing it’s activism, they began the effort of co-opting the Tea Party. With what appeared to be a successful resistance against the co-opting and demonization, I thought the movement was going to remain a sovereign movement fighting for the survival of America. But now comes the most bizarre chapter in the Tea party movement; the acceptance of a new triple-tax plan by Republican Presidential nominee, Herman Cain, which includes a national sales tax or VAT.


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Ron Paul understands the dangers the Federal Reserve Bank poses to America, while Herman Cain dismisses criticism of The Fed as silly.

If you understood the Federal Reserve Bank, you would see the dangers also.

Ron Paul gets it and he deserves the credit of moving this subject from the shadows to mainstreet America.

I accuse the Progressive and Neocon dominated media of picking Mitt Romney for the Republican Presidential nominee for Republican voters. The biggest promotion of Mitt Romney is coming from the most Progressive of media outlets and is a clear sign of who they want to run  and  lose against Obama. Can we see this going the way of loser John McCain 2008?

As has been the case for the last several months, the Media will continue parroting “Ronmey the frontrunner” BS, assuming most voters will vote based on sound bite, not fact. So, here is the latest 24 hr. news cycle of the frontrunner tripe. Romney is a loser supported primarily by the establishment and corporate interests. Is that where your interests lie or do they fall in the realm of “Save America From Big, Corrupt Government”. Mitt is about continuing the status quo and not about saving America, but saving his wealth.

The constant repetition of this mantra shows how desperate they are to have Obama-lite, Romney, run against Obama.

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Another election season approaches as the Progressive-minded and biased media prepares to pick the Republican Presidential candidates that voters will ultimately vote for in the 2012 Presidential election. Never in my life have I witnessed a more bizarrely, overt attempt by the Progressive-owned and operated media to pick the Republican Presidential nominee that will, at a minimum if triumphant over President Obama, keep tracking America along Obamunism’s Socialist road to hell or preferably, choose a candidate so aligned with Obamunism that lazy voters will just stay the course with Obamunism.

Frankly, regardless of the motivation or actions by the media to influence the outcome of the Republican Presidential nomination, why in the world is the media, including Fox News, still revered as an honest steward of truthful, unbiased news coverage considering the self-serving propaganda they serve up on an hourly basis. The media knows what most people don’t want to or just fail to recognize – most people are sheeple looking for the easiest access to instant gratification with the least resistance that will require no intelligent reason or logic and requires little or no accountability, while excepting no blame for anything. In other words in this case, make it as easy as possible for a voter to dismiss all choices as bad, therefore being herded towards the establishment and media pick. Of course, that is Mitt Romney. So no matter what the facts are, Romney will always be their front runner.

Every Republican Presidential nominee, except Romney, has been skewered by all major media outlets. Of course this is being framed to result in the “lesser of evils” fixation come election time. The Neocon/Establishment arm of the media touts electability as key in a nominee, when in fact, they would take Obama if he would change his racing stripes to reflect an (R) beside his name. So, I ask the question, can you please decide for yourself who truly represents the opportunity to embrace American exceptionalism, restore fiscal sanity to our Federal Government, and once again place America at the top of the hill as the shining beacon of hope in a Socialist-ruled world.

Guess what, there is no perfect candidate that can fill all of your heart’s political desires. I always said if you took a few planks from each candidate’s platform, you would be golden. Personally, every Republican candidate has at least one issue I do not agree with.

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Obviously, both the major media and establishment (D) and (R) politicians just can’t seem to hold back their enthusiasm for the squishy big government Neocon once Neolib, Mitt Romney. I guess the Tea Party has retired because their voice can’t seem to heard over the establishment’s constant bombardment of “Romney the frontrunner”. The funny thing is, I can find no one personally who would ever vote for this big-government advocate.

Unless Conservatives are folding up their tent and going home, there is no way in hell the establishment and Corporate favorite Romney will beat Obama, when he’s merely Obama-lite with different racing stripes.

So here’s a reminder of why Liberals/Progressives love Mitt Romney.