I accuse the Progressive and Neocon dominated media of picking Mitt Romney for the Republican Presidential nominee for Republican voters. The biggest promotion of Mitt Romney is coming from the most Progressive of media outlets and is a clear sign of who they want to run  and  lose against Obama. Can we see this going the way of loser John McCain 2008?

As has been the case for the last several months, the Media will continue parroting “Ronmey the frontrunner” BS, assuming most voters will vote based on sound bite, not fact. So, here is the latest 24 hr. news cycle of the frontrunner tripe. Romney is a loser supported primarily by the establishment and corporate interests. Is that where your interests lie or do they fall in the realm of “Save America From Big, Corrupt Government”. Mitt is about continuing the status quo and not about saving America, but saving his wealth.

The constant repetition of this mantra shows how desperate they are to have Obama-lite, Romney, run against Obama.

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