While I watched, in amusement, the “useful idiots” at the OWS extremism events, mixed feelings are conjured up as the few valid complaints made by opponents of crony capitalism are drowned out by the many supporters advocating the gradual transformation of America into a Socialist state and then into a Communist one.

Why would you not know the crux of the OWS demands are that capitalism and our private free enterprise become outlawed in order for it to be run by the state, e.g. government. Yes, the same governments that currently find themselves unable to responsibly operate anything due to the multiple layers of inefficient bureaucrats put in place by Communist/Socialist controlled public-sector unions. In other words, by the perpetually fraudulent, corrupt, and ever expanding unelected political class.

I absolutely support ending crony capitalism, the revolving door politics dominated by lobbyist and former elected and unelected government officials, the economically stifling Federal Reserve Banking system, and the oppressive U.S. tax code. I also support campaign finance reform and changing the status of corporate person hood (corporations are not people). These are lofty and righteous goals that every American-loving U.S. citizen should support. There is a myriad of other problems that America must tackle, but this war begins with ending the corruption and abuse enjoyed by the incestuous marriage between the corporate world and  the political class. The relationship established to circumvent the voice and will of Americans.

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