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While I watched, in amusement, the “useful idiots” at the OWS extremism events, mixed feelings are conjured up as the few valid complaints made by opponents of crony capitalism are drowned out by the many supporters advocating the gradual transformation of America into a Socialist state and then into a Communist one.

Why would you not know the crux of the OWS demands are that capitalism and our private free enterprise become outlawed in order for it to be run by the state, e.g. government. Yes, the same governments that currently find themselves unable to responsibly operate anything due to the multiple layers of inefficient bureaucrats put in place by Communist/Socialist controlled public-sector unions. In other words, by the perpetually fraudulent, corrupt, and ever expanding unelected political class.

I absolutely support ending crony capitalism, the revolving door politics dominated by lobbyist and former elected and unelected government officials, the economically stifling Federal Reserve Banking system, and the oppressive U.S. tax code. I also support campaign finance reform and changing the status of corporate person hood (corporations are not people). These are lofty and righteous goals that every American-loving U.S. citizen should support. There is a myriad of other problems that America must tackle, but this war begins with ending the corruption and abuse enjoyed by the incestuous marriage between the corporate world and  the political class. The relationship established to circumvent the voice and will of Americans.

While this seems to be the goals of many of the OWS protesters, this astroturf event was the machination of the Progressive-Marxist-Communists led labor unions, the Socialist and Communist parties, the Progressive faction of the Democrat Party, and all of the other America hating groups. The primary goal of these “America haters” is to crush our free enterprise economic system and replace it with a “state-controlled” one.

What role does the Communist Party USA want to play in this transformation. Of course, they claim they are just along for the ride and support the goals of the OWS movement. Ok! Fair enough. But do the majority of the OWS protesters support the goals of the Communist Party USA or are they being played as useful idiots? I really don’t think most of the protesters have any idea what road the Communist-Marxists-Progressives free enterprise-haters are driving them down.

The graphic posted at the top of this blog is the first sheet of the Communist Party USA outline of the transformation of America, called The Road To Socialism USA, which can be found at the Communist Party website.

While this is a must-read program, I primarily want to highlight the section labeled, “6. Bill of Rights Socialism in the USA”.


  • The Communist Party seeks to build socialism in the United States based on the revolutionary traditions
  • Extend the Bill of Rights to include freedom from unemployment, from poverty, from illiteracy, and from discrimination and oppression. Socialism will guarantee the right to vote, to health care, to a job at a living wage, to decent housing
  • Socialism would not create an instant workers paradise
  • Many details of the constructing of socialism will of necessity depend on the specifics of the socialist transformation, on the politics of the time
  • Socialism would bring social ownership to…the major industrial firms, the transnational corporations, banks and other financial institutions, the energy industry, much of the national distribution system, and the health care system and run them as public utilities
  • Free health care, free education through the college level
  • There will be many forms of socialist ownership: public ownership at many different levels from national to state to municipalities
  • Socialism uses technological improvements and increases in productivity to fund social programs, to shorten the workweek, and to provide free health and education
  • Socialism will eliminate much inequality by taking profit away from the capitalist
  • In a socialist society, the millions of people now unemployed, homeless, and underemployed could create more wealth for all to share
  • The vast majority of the country can use the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and local governments to build real democracy and equality
  • The Communist Party will work hard…to keep the confidence of the working class and by working to win contested elections
  • In the context of a new socially owned and governed society, society will be able to afford social programs on a constantly expanding basis
  • Seek the proper combination of material and moral incentives…from the individual worker and work collectives in specific industries through city, state, regional, and national levels
  • Tackling the solutions to air pollution, water pollution, the depletion of the ozone layer, global warming, and other environmental crises will require the combined cooperation



And if that was enough to scare you, then these last two pieces of information should.

Communists advocate socialism as the first phase of a new stage of society, but we dont think that social and economic development will end at socialism. We see socialist society eventually leading to a higher phase communism where the capitalist class and all classes will have disappeared, replaced by a commonwealth of all working people, and where national and racial enmity and prejudice will be things of the past. In communist society, the essentials of life will be plentiful and readily available to all, and the repressive apparatus of government will wither away leaving purely administrative functions. In the communist phase of society, social production and distribution of wealth would be according to the principals of the motto, From each according to their ability, to each according to their need


7. The Role of the Communist Party

We recognize that victory relies…on…an understanding that grows into full class and socialist consciousness…combined with explicitly Marxist-Leninist organization and education

While the “useful idiots” are espousing legitimate complaints, the bottom-line is this: the “Occupy Wall Street” organization is only as reputable as the most radical element(s) of that group. The most radical element is the Socialist-Marxist-Communist faction that has lived among us, in force, since the early 1900’s. The movement has experienced their greatest successes during the Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and Bill Clinton administrations. They are still here in America and especially embedded within our heavily layered bureaucratic Federal Government. Why do you think the Federal Government seeks to unionize every Federal Government worker? It’s the mechanism used to perpetually grow the size of government. If America’s citizenry continue to sleep at the wheel, then a second Obama term will drive us exactly where Communist Party USA intends –  down The Road To Socialism. Unfortunately, Socialism is the first step in the transformation of America into a Communist nation, according to the Communist Party USA’s The Road To Socialism USA. Your choice – A red America or the ole red, white, and blue. Which do you choose you?

And I almost forgot this big red cherry to go on their Communist sundae:

Communist Party Heralds Occupy Wall Street Movement

Please pass this along to any OWS protester you may communicate with and ask them if this is what they really want for America.