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This entire issue of “Ron Paul newsletters” was beaten to a pulp by the media and Establishment D.C. hacks in 2008. Well, if the public had been anything but brain dead and waiting for the next instalment of Dancing With The Stars, they would have understood Ron Paul’s position clearly. The man has not a racist bone in his body.

So why the same unrelenting attacks again, four years later. Because the American public, politically speaking,  has the attention span of a two-year old. Besides that, the major media in America is dishonest and nothing but an arm of their respective political party, which is basically one in the same.

I would say if Ron Paul was a racist, as claimed, he wouldn’t have a black man, James Williams, featured in a video talking about how Ron Paul was the only person to help his wife, while in the hospital, experiencing a difficult pregnancy. As quoted  by Mr. Williams,

“Then Ron Paul came to my rescue”.

Then Mr. Williams statement will give an indication why both the Democrats, Republicans, and the media will do every thing in their power to disparage Ron Paul.

“He’s just an honest man and that’s something we need now in this day and time. It’s a lot of politics and no honesty.”

Below is the video of Mr. Williams validation of Ron Paul’s love for all human life.

There is an effort to get this run on national TV, so please go this link to contribute to this cause. Campaign For Liberty

Its almost comical to see the Neo-Cons turning up the propaganda machine in an effort to dissuade voters from supporting Ron Paul. In fact, every one of these articles are full of disingenuous and inaccurate comments and information – I mean propaganda.

Well, the good news is that are more positive stories on Ron Paul than I can ever remember.  More on that later. In the meantime, read some of the following stories and get a good laugh.

Ron Paul can’t be allowed to win Iowa- May Be The Last Time Iowa Holds First In The National Primaries

Auburn University Housing- Signs Are Ok, Unless It’s A Ron Paul Sign

Ron Paul, The Nazi, Has Absolutely No Chance To Win The Republican Nomination For President.

A Ron Paul Victory in Iowa Is Not A victory For Paul, But For Romney or Huntsman

A Vote For Ron Paul Would Be A Victory For Mittens Romney

National Review, Which Wrote An Article In The Past That Stated:”In the Deep South the Negroes are retarded” Says Ron Paul Is Racist

NPR Can’t Find Any Dirt On Ron Paul Except Newletters That He’s Long Ago Disavowed

Most of Dr. Paul’s Supporters, Of Course, Don’t Actually Imagine He Can Become President. He Hates Israel and America Too

Ron Paul Supporters Are Drug Addicts

Fox News, Carlson Tucker, Ask Why People Are Supporting The Old Weird Guy, Ron Paul

Prominent Iowans are terrified…A Paul Victory As Proof That Iowa Has No Business Vetting Candidates At The Starting Gate. He’s Hates Israel!

Kindly Old Doctor, Ron Paul, That Attracts Some Of The Most Violent and Reactionary Elements In Society

Anyone Can Beat Obama, Except Ron Paul

I’m unfortunately finding myself at odds with a grassroots political movement, that I’ve been involved with over the past several years, resulting from America’s Federal Government becoming too big, too intrusive, and too expensive to operate. It’s the Tea Party movement. Being a very fiscal conservative, I have a problem in that our military adventurism and expansionism has had dire consequences for America throughout our modern history. Of course, this is in terms of capital and human lives. However, unless the Tea Party movement has been hijacked by the Neo-con faction of the GOP, the Tea Party has incorporated a Neo-conservatism, Neo-Keynesian mantra of big-government statists. What I mean is, fighting endless, unaffordable wars in which America has to borrow the money in order to fight. All the while while America goes broke. This is not an argument about the misguided Tea Party views, so I’ll stop at that.

The problem with the average American’s view of the military is that it’s based on revisionist history and media soundbites. It’s pure propaganda in which Americans have attached themselves to keep them from having to deal with the truth. And the problem with learning the real truth about America’s military adventurism is that once the truth is known, you have the responsibility to educate others about it. Unfortunately, most Americans seem to have forgotten that fighting for truth is the equivalent of fighting for America’s survival.

So now I read Tea Party commentary that suggest Ron Paul is an isolationist. That leads me to believe that many Tea Party supporters are just so uninformed that they can’t even differentiate between “isolationism” and “non-interventionism”. To claim that Ron Paul is not a patriot that would not defend America is ludicrous and disingenuous, at best. You can bet the second an Iran or any other country whispered they were considering to nuke America, Ron Paul would take them out in a heartbeat. The other issue is the term Ron Paul refers to as “blowback”. Ron Paul didn’t make this stuff up. These are reports and analysis from the CIA themselves, who are the ones primarily engaged in covert action across the world propping up the better of the world’s worst dictators. So don’t blame Ron Paul for this. He’s just telling the truth as any patriotic American should do.

Please do yourself a favor. Veiw this video and do some research for yourself and spread the truth. Please do America a favor and pass this video to everyone who buys the media spin on our out-of-control military spending. The military industrial complex has developed one of the most incestuous relationships with our Federal Government and has become another corporate welfare programs that benefit some of the largest political campaign contributors in America. It’s time to suppoprt freedom and the American Constitution. Only in today’s America does supporting American patriotism and the Consitution qualify a person as a kook.

Oh well, if that’s the case, then I think I’ll just hop in with Ron Paul and take a ride in his “Kook De Ville”.

Here is the latest installment of news stories reporting the continued invasion of America and the threats to American sovereignty.

After Immigration Detainment of Auto Workers, Big Business Pressure Alabama Lawmakers To Change law

Alabama Farmers Complain To Government About Lack Of Illegal Aliens For Work

Unless Your An Illegal Alien Serial Murderer, Illegals Welcomed To Colorado’s New Pilot Program

SCOTUS Determines Whether To Take Up Arizona Immigration Law Challenge

Poll of likely caucus goers shows support for legal immigration

Liberal Maryland Rag Says GOP Voters Want Amnesty For Illegal Aliens

NY State Pput Low-ball FigureOn Illegal Immigration Student To Cost As To Be More Appealing

Illegal Aliens Chance Of Being Apprehended a Approx. 4%

MD Illegal Alien Advocates Say In-State Dream Act Cannot Be Put To Reforendum

NM Governor Tries For A 3rd Time To Repeal Law Allowing Divers Licenses For Illegal Aliens

Weed, Cash, Human Smugglers, and Illegal Immigrants Found During DPS Raid of Avondale Drop House

Letter: Glaring Difference Between Legal and Illegal Immigrants

Obama’s Christmas list rewards illegals

Washpo Claims National Guard Border Enforcement on Mexican Border Is A Waste Of Time and Money

Legal Immigrants Speak Out Against the Dream Act

California DREAM Act to Cost More than Originally Estimated

Oklahoma State Senator Proposes Guest Worker Program for Illegal Aliens

DOJ to Sue Utah Over Immigration Enforcement Law

Gingrich Favors Juries, But Not for Americans … Just for Illegal Aliens

Napolitano faces contempt citation over list of immigrants ICE flagged


Even If Ron Paul Wins All the

Unfortunately, for those who are perpetual defenders of American freedom and liberty, tired of having big-government statist Republican Presidential candidate shoved down their throats, it’s sickening that the only true freedom-oriented candidate keeps getting shunned and described as fringe and unelectable candidate. No matter how well Ron Paul polls leading up to state’s primaries, he’s summarily dismissed. In fact, he’s polling a strong second in some states and increasingly gaining favor in other state’s polling. Yet, he still dismissed. So no matter where he shows up in the polls, it’s still a race between the Neo-con American-freedom and liberty haters.

So, I culled a representative sample of media stories that have done exactly what I’ve described, ignore and dismiss Dr. Paul. The continuation of this blatant collusion is waking up many Americans to the fact that there is a force in America drowning out their calls to end America’s gargantuan and over reaching Federal Government. Here’s the latest weekly installment of “let’s collectively ignore Ron Paul” stories.

Tell us what you think of Ron Paul’s maltreatment during this primary season.

Romney is still out front in the prediction markets

Can Mitt Find the Wit to Boot Newt?

Digging For Selected Poll Results That Represent Little Ron Paul Support

With Cain Out, It’s The Romney-Gingrich Neo-Con Showdown

Iowa Polls Showing Ron Paul Support Has Flaws

Newts The Man. Ron Paul Who??

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Jack Hunter sits down with Ron Paul to discuss issues he would have discussed at the Republican Jewish Coalition debate, had he not excluded from it. The debate was held in D.C. yesterday, 12-7-11. Regarding the exclusion of Dr. Paul, I found a very revealing quote from a prominent Jewish Republican in this article,

RJC destroys its own credibility and so does Newt

Murray Sabrin is, the Ramapo College professor who ran for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate back in 2008.

Murray just sent me an e-mail telling me of a decision by the Republican Jewish Coalition to ban Ron Paul from their 2012 GOP presidential debates. Murray writes:

This is democracy?  Ironically, the only candidate who supports  Israel’s sovereignty is pilloried by neocons in the RJC who claim to be “pro-Israel.”   I am thinking of organizing of a Jews for Ron Paul, the man for peace, freedom, free enterprise, individual rights, the core values of Judaism.  In the 1960’s, before I embraced the limited government philosophy I watched a Sunday television program about Passover.  I will never forget what the narrator said:  The essence of Judaism is the sovereignty of the individual.


I find it very ironic that the one Republican candidate who wants Israel to retain its sovereignty is Ron Paul. I guess the RJC doesn’t except that premise. Very strange indeed.